DOOM: The Movie - "The worst movie I have seen in the last few years."

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The movie was on show last week at the AMC AVCO Center in Westwood. One of the people who attended the screening (who also happens to be "a big DOOM fan and major gamer") wrote a review sharing patently disappointing thoughts about it. Reading it, only its soundtrack would make it worth seeing! This is just one opinion though, and as such it might not be representative of everyone's feelings; overexpectations or preconceived ones can create big disappointment when not met ... The middle part of the review contains heavy spoilers. Don't say I didn't warn you ;)
Where to start. Well, Doom has nothing to offer people. The plot has more holes than the Iraqi desert. It never flows. A big deal has been made of the first person shooter perspective and that does not even make the movie worth it. It's just a bunch of monster shootings pasted together with jump cuts where half the time the monsters popup and pause, that way you have time to see them really good, and then they are shot. Grrrrr…Boom! Yeah, that's fun. This movie is being marketed as a terrifying sci-fi horror action adventure. They got the terrifying right. I am terrified to think of how many people had to approve this thing before it could have been made. Well it is Universal, and the last good movie they had was… Well the acting was not bad. The Rock did as good as anyone would expect out of him. He has some one-liners that were ok. It was not his fault the movie was worse than a root canal. Karl Urban played Reaper/Super Reaper well. He is not a bad actor. I was surprised to see him in this after doing something like Lord of the Rings. I am still confused at the use of pointless subplots around him though. The last main character played by Rosamund Pike did her job. She was the eye candy for the movie. It is disturbing to think that an Oxford graduate would resort to wearing some tight clothing so her nipples show through in a worthless action flick. Special effects are always a must for a big action sci-fi movie and Doom is no exception. The CG is not bad it's just not good. When it's CG it looks like it. At least “the powers that be” decided on using bodysuits and not full CG for the monsters. Some were CG still, but the ones that counted looked good. The CG on the first person shooter POV is a joke though. It looks like they just took Doom (the newer version) and added in another graphic engine and did a screen capture.
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