DOOM: The Movie Updates - New Screens + Interviews

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  • Dark Horizons has put online six new stills from the upcoming movie. Link: http://www.darkhorizons.com/2005/doom.php
  • Slasherama sit down with executive producer John Wells to discuss the making of DOOM and their endeavors to make it a good adaptation of the game. Link: http://www.slasherama.biz/features/doom.html
    Slasherama: The movie features some first-person shots, to recreate the feel of the game. Can you tell us a little about that technique?
    John Wells: Once you get deeper into the film, that technique is very present. We did a lot of experimenting with how long we could stay in that first-person. There's a big difference between watching Doom on a 16 or 18-inch television right in front of you and watching it on a 20-metre-wide cinema screen. We fooled around with it, but we also felt that Doom without that would be a miscarriage of justice! We had to have some of it, because the game introduced that style in the first place.
  • DOOM Marine recently interviewed actor Razaaq Adoti who'll play Duke in the movie. Link: http://www.doommarine.com/main/interviews/radoti.php
    DOOM Marine: Overall how does this movie rank on your list of accomplishments?
    Razaaq Adoti: Quite high, cause we had a lot of fun making it. We had a two week military training boot camp thing that we went through; we had a lightweight training we went through. They really wanted to get us as physically as well as mentally ready for this movie. We went through a lot of preparation for it and it was a real fun character for me to play, I'm 6 foot 3 and I'm often cast as the big guy, kind of serious guy, you know the dramatic brooding, so for me to get involved in a little bit of comedy, not that this is a comedy by far, but my character, to be involved in that was just great fun. I really really enjoyed it and I want to do more of it.
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