DungeonDOOM 8.1 in Final Testing!

By Bluehair 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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  • Submitted by Hellborg
  • The next version of DungeonDoom 8.1 is awaiting final beta test results. [b]The good news[/b] for anybody who does not own the expansion pack Resurrection of Evil: This new version is also available for vanilla Doom3! There will be a second version which will also incorporate all the additional features of the expansion pack, but the base version already includes most of the features - except for some magic abilities and the resurrection of evil exclusive monsters. The new version will introduce multiple alternative gameplay modes: 1) Adventure: standard, story driven gameplay. 2) Challenge: a quick jump into the dungeon at one of five starting points - master four increasingly tough levels to beat the challenge. 3) Arena: a constant stream of spawning enemies is attacking you in the arena. You also encounter [b]a new monster[/b], the Iron Maiden, which comes in several flavors (Iron, Silver and Gold). If you face the Iron Maiden "head on" for too long, you get mesmerized - you lower your weapon and you get fixed to stare at the Iron Maiden (usually until you die...). Additionally, the larch and insane guy monsters by comblood and jasonwel were included. The overworld got some minor improvements and now features a less flat surface. It is still generated randomly at runtime and thus practically "endless". And of course, all the goodies from the previous versions (rpg elements, randomly generated dungeons, a playable ninja character, rogue-like gameplay elements etc.) are still in!

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