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Facing Hell is a new project in the community that will be a Doom 3 mission pack. The team also has a website up which has an FAQ page you can check out for more details. Some screenshots have already been released as well, i've added these below. Here's the plot: [quote] In FH, we continue the story of original Doom 3 and surprise the player with a deep story, that tells the truth about the origin of all evil and hell. The player will discover some interesting things about the UAC, their artefacts from the archeological excarvation on mars and the weird network of evil thoughts and research that leaded to where we are now: a neverending painful mission for the Doom Marine. The player goes on a journey that starts about 48 hours after the end of Doom 3. After the torture of his way to hell and back, the Doom Marine can't get rid of the hellish pictures in his mind. He has to make a decision, that could stop his pain immediately or send him once again on a demonic trip to fight the evil once and for all, this time off mars. On his journey, the protagonist will reveal many things the original Doom 3 story left unanswered. One name frequently appears during his way off the mars station - the "New Creed Corporation". The Doom Marine comes across some interesting facts, that will change the relationship between the UAC, Dr. Betruger, the ancient people from mars and all the different things that were discovered before. We can't tell you extactly what will happen in FH - we don't want to take away the experience of a good gameplay. As a suggestion: take a seat and watch your back frequently :[/quote] Head to the Facing Hell website to check out more!
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