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[b]Source:[/b][url="http://www.foreverhood.com"]here[/url] [quote]After three weeks of inactivity, progress towards foreverhood has slowly started to awaken from its much needed rest. So, to celebrate, I've done a massive, all-encompassing update to the site to build a better understanding of the details surrounding this mod. Anyway, down to business. I'm sure there are several of you who are wondering why there has been a delay in the release date for this mod. There are several big reasons, one of which being the new game-play style that this mod will have (which I will discuss later), and the new story which modifies the principles this project is built upon. To stay true to the original Foreverhood project outline, which tops 40 pages, is something that I just cannot carry out on my own. There are too many complicated events and features that ZDoom can't carry out within its scripting language. Hence, the monster manuscript has been whittled down to a much more digestible chunk which still holds the skeletal remains of the story intact. This, in turn, wound up being a hidden blessing- a big problem, initially, was the change of the main character to something completely different, dramatically altering the question "who are you and what are you doing in this land?" To answer this question, I wound up developing a new style of game-play (for Doom that is). So, instead of following the story hand in hand, you the player can now decide which side you want to fight for. You can side with the good guys and work with them to destroy the evil within the land, or just take your aggression out on all the good guys and have the aid of the evil. Think that's cool? Game-play is automated to constantly be distributing characters throughout the level, so depending on the choices you make, you may end up changing sides, from good to evil and back again. The weapons you receive are also sensitive to this balance and change from the good side to the bad. All I have to do now is balance the game-play to bring it out of the prototype stage and into the core of the mod. There is indeed much testing to be done. This brings me to my next topic. I complied what I now call the official Foreverhood beta, something I feel proud to show other people. Before I start putting more effort into the project, however, I will need some beta testers to offer a critique of what has already been built and how successfully it's working. On top of that, I need help in compiling a thorough list of all bugs within the game as well as suggestions on what the people would like to see in the final product. So, if you are interested in this, email me your "Doom resume" outlining past projects you've tested or been a part of, writing ability and anything else you feel is pertinent to the position. As far as a project's release date, I will once again leave this up to the community. Would you like to see the final project in one big piece (a task which I'll shoot to have done by the end of the summer) or would you like me to clean up what I already have and release a demo? You can cast your vote [url="http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthread.php?s=&threadid=32276"]here[/url].[/quote]

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