Ge-force FX announced!

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The next-generation of Ge-force technology from Nvidia has been revealed at Comdex, a show running in the Las Vegas Convention Center as we speak. Named Ge-force FX (not to be mixed with the similar MX technology) this is the newest addition in the Ge-force era. [quote] The NVIDIA® GeForce FX GPU ushers in a new era of graphics and gaming. With the GeForce FX powering your graphics experiences, you can run applications and games at higher resolutions and at speeds never before possible. Everything a bleeding-edge gamer desires is packed inside this powerhouse of a processor, including the latest high-speed DDR2 memory, an expansive AGP 8X pipeline and unparalleled Intellisample technology—driving scenes of unrivalled beauty at unmatched speeds. [/quote] The technology known as NV30 has been on doomers lips for a long time. People are desperate to know if this is the right card for Doom III. Gamers want infinite performance, they want cinema-like graphics, high-framerates and immersive lightning effects, and it looks like Nvidia has taken a great step in fufilling our goals. And the specs talk for itself, with power enough to render mroe than 100 Jurassic Park dinosaurs at 100 frames per second, and power enough to render scenes from the blockbuster movie Shrek, the Ge-force FX looks to be one of the most (if not THE most) powerful graphics-card ever made. Let's just wait and see what Nvidia pulls out their sleeves over the next couple of months. I, myself, will be saving for this card, and use it to play our favorite game of all time, Doom III when it comes out. Discuss the new Ge-force FX technology in our forums or simply join our irc channel on Quakenet, #d3files, the best place to discus Doom III news! You can visit the official Ge-force MX right here..!

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