George Lucas' Quack IV "Duck Nukem: 4 Feathers" Howard the Duck Tribute TC Mod

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In the midst of the eighties, wonder-boy George Lucas executive-produced a comedy based on a popular comic book entitled "Howard the Duck". The story revolved around Howard, a sarcastic cigar-smoking duck coming from Duckworld (and fervent reader of Playduck ) that a science experiment led by physicist Dr. Jenning unexpectedly pulled through space all the way to Earth, where he landed in a trash can somewhere in Cleveland. Howard was determined to get zapped back home asap but troubles stepped in as he discovered that the infamous experiment had also brought in evil aliens known as The Dark Lords of the Universe ... Unfortunately, the duck jokes-powered movie didn't quite make it at the theater and received scathing reviews from the press. To some people, the movie was an insult to ducks. Poor George. Almost twenty years later, Howard is going to make a striking come-back on our computers thanks to Saint Brain of Trepaning, the emblematic creator of the uncontested (with moderators' help) [file="43738"]John Romero's Crucifix of Shit Tribute TC Mod[/file]. Although originally anticipated for the Quake Quack engine, Brain announced this week that it will require DOOM 3, though we don't exactly know for what just yet! Anyway, a lot of ideas have been thought out and executed thus far; the Duck Nukem model is completed, fully textured and animated and the design of Howard's new sidekicks is well underway. The storyline is still missing at the moment but we shouldn't worry ourselves too much about it; as Brain wisely says: "We can figure that out later, after all, it's on Uncle George's dime!"! Here follows some data about Duckie and his new buddies.
Duck Nukem: - Sunglasses - Fat (lazy hero) - Sleeveless vest (to add a little bit of Bruce Willis' strong aura) - Heavy boots (to kick ass of course) - Egg gun (concept in progress) - Dynamic fluffy feathers (vanish into thin air when hit) - Environmental "Quack! Quack!" DTX-certified sound effect (pending approval) - Never-before-seen Quack-fu moves (pending approval) TeleTroubles: - Four stupid angry bloodsuckers (minibosses) - Jetpack-powered - Emoticon TV Pug Cop: - Main fodder ennemy Dr. Protein: - He should look like a cross between George Lucas and a giant spermatozoa Fluo Blond: - Mad penguin - Flowers on trousers (to show what he sees) - Flames on shirt (to show what's happening to his brain) - He's Blond ... Fluo(rescent) Blond C. Rook Goldie: - Duck's drunkard cousin who only comes around to steal money - Bloom effect, articulated arms
Last but not least, if you wish to support the development of this promising Total Conversion, you may purchase a copy of The Duck Nukem 2006 Calendar for the duck price of $16.66. Published by Trepaning Universal Publishing, the calendar sports 26 pages of duck goodness printed in natural CMYK colors. More info [url="http://www.lulu.com/content/198610"]at LuLu.com.[/url]
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