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Published by Zimbabwe 20 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
It's been 9 years, nine years since the release of the shareware version of Doom. I shook the world with it's amazing graphics, blistering sounds and immersive enviroments. People all over the world downloaded this amazing masterpiece of a game off BBS or got in on disks through friends.
DOOM was a revolutionary and ground-breaking experience, that set the standards for future games. DOOM was furthermore awfully scary, exiting and simply incredible. Thousands of gamers around the world, got the feeling of the ultimate gaming experience for the first til, when their sweathy little gamer-fingers touched the DOOM package for the first time. I can still remember when the splash screen for DOOM appeared on my monitor for the first time. The feeling was wonderful, when I with wet chins, started out my first game of DOOM ever. Even though it's soon ten years ago, I still tend to play this incredible game a lot. Picking up Doom from the box, installing it, and playing it again is an incredible feeling. I LOVE IT! Well nine years old, and Doom III is coming out. What are we waiting for!? LET CELEBRATE! Woohoo! Doomcenter has a brand new layout up, great job on that one, go visit! John Romero has noted about the Doom birthday too, over at http://www.rome.ro/! People had speculations about the official Doom III site would be put up on Dec 9th, but nothing has happened yet. Day isnt over yet, lots of things can happen ;) Once again: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOOM! :D
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