HeXen: Edge of Chaos Updates - ModDB Interview + New Screens

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Published by Bluehair 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
[b]ModDB[/b] did it again! They caught up with the mod team to talk, inter alia, about their plans for EoC most notably in terms of gameplay and music. Unfortunately, it's not particularly insightful or informative on the mod's current status. Here's a cut: [quote][b]MobDB:[/b] Is there anything particularly new that you're aiming to bring to Doom 3's gameplay? [b]BloodRayne:[/b] I can't say anything about the new stuff that we're implementing into Hexen:Edge Of Chaos. We are not enhancing or changing or bringing a Doom 3 gameplay experience, we're hoping it will feel a lot like the original Hexen 1 gameplay, with many of it's characteristics. [b]CodenniumRed:[/b] Ditto for that, but what I *will* say is that it'll be similar enough so Doom fans enjoy it, yet have an original feel enough so that new people will, too. Death, playerspeed, etc will all be tweaked ever-so-slightly, and the cumulative result must be carefully balanced. Even things like a new sound of a weapon, new huds, etc all create a psychological illusion to make it 'feel' different.[/quote] Besides, according to a news post [url="http://www.doom3world.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=12138"]on DOOM3World,[/url] three new screenshots have stealthily made their way into the media section of their website. ---- Link: [url="http://features.moddb.com/159/?fpage=1"]Hexen : Edge of Chaos Interview by [b]Koroshiya_Ichi[/b][/url]
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