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Published by Bluehair 16 years ago , last updated 4 years ago
The IC team has announced that it will be releasing an early version of the mod somewhen between Christmas and New Year's Eve. It will give you the opportunity to test out the much talked about Pyro GX ship in a couple of 6 degrees of freedom maps. The ship will be equipped with laser cannons and rocket launchers; it will also have headlights mounted on the front of its cockpit.
Code (HeXetic): - Basic mouse-and-keyboard based 6DoF controls, with no turn rate limitation or acceleration. - done - expectations surpassed (see below) - Proper model rotation based on defined or calculated centre-point - Proper bounding box size - Proper bounding box rotation based on defined or calculated centre-point - done - Left/Right weapon discharge from primary laser cannon mountings - Left/Right missile discharge from concussion missile mountings - Headlights Art: - Pyro GX model, with at least one texture - done - Laser cannon bolts - done - Concussion Missile models with texture and proper lighting effects - done apart from texture - Laser cannon powerup pickup model & map entity - iceheart - Concussion missile pickup model & map entity - done Maps: - At least three distinct, possibly oversimple or unfinished, multiplayer maps. - iceheart on one, NoMercy on some
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