John Carmacks .plan: R300 vs. NV30

By diego 21 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Yes folks, it is finally here: The Clash of the Titans, watched over by John Carmack, Tech-God himself! Whoever dares read the interesting article, beware: It's incredibly detailed (as usual with Senore Carmack :)). Just a little, tiny part of it: [quote]Originally posted by John Carmack: [b]I am using an NV30 in my primary work system now, largely so I can test more of the rendering paths on one system, and because I feel Nvidia still has somewhat better driver quality (ATI continues to improve, though). For a typical consumer, I don't think the decision is at all clear cut at the moment.[/b][/quote] As already said: Whoever wants to get his/her head filled with tech-details which nobody on earth can understand, [url=http://www.bluesnews.com/cgi-bin/finger.pl?id=1&time=20030129210315]go ahead[/url] Oh, one more and funny little thingie: [quote][b] I'm not usually one to care about fan noise, but the NV30 does annoy me.[/b][/quote] Take that, nVIDIA-freaks!!! Just kidding, of course :D

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