Last Man Standing Coop 3.0 Official Release feat. Classic Doom for Doom 3 Coop!

By calimer 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Here it is, the 3.0 Official Release! This release is far superior to 2.0 and everyone should download it! If you are not familiar with our mod check out our gameplay summary at http://lms.d3files.com/about.php ! Also included in that link are some new press mentions that we've been featured in. We have spent a lot of extra time making sure this release was as solid and bug free as possible. Here are some of the main features included:
- Integration of the Classic Doom Mod http://cdoom.d3files.com using the Cdoom Coop Gametype - A help tab has been added in the main menu - Stamina re-implemented in SP COOP and ROE COOP gametypes. - All of the ROE maps are now tweaked for Coop - The Plasmathrower stream has been updated - Two new difficulty levels have been added, si_skill 4 and si_skill 5 - New maps kf_arena and prog_sewer - New boat model - Persistent data is fixed so now players retain their weapons when they change levels. - Map skips are fixed. - Monsters now also drop items when dying if the server is dedicated. - Various lag tweaks
These are only a few of the many features added so be sure to check out 3.0! Also there are some yummy easter eggs for the more attentive SP Coop players ;D As a note all versions support Windows, Linux and Mac! A Mac installer should hopefully be available shortly, for now use the Multiplatform:
- Windows Download: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;57398 - Multiplatform Download: http://doom3.filefront.com/file/;57392
If you have any troubles visit our 3.0 Feedback Forums for FAQ and Bug Reporting:
As an important note, this is our last official release of LMS. That is why we took the extra time to make sure it was as solid as possible. We do of course reserve the right to release more LMS content in the future, especially if for whatever reason an update is needed. Also, even though this is our last official release, there is still a lot more LMS to come. The_Master is working on a map pack for LMS which he should be releasing in the not too distant future. Also Herr_virus is working on creating an expansion pack at http://www.lmsmd.moddb.com/ In addition I'm considering releasing my own map pack of the unreleased LMS maps that need some fine tuning. Additionally there is the possibility up an upcoming LMS tournament if there is enough interest: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1699 I do want to make it clear that we will be supporting LMS past this release, especially by sticking around in our IRC channel. As far as my upcoming projects, you can check http://www.igda.org/albany/ for the next mod that I'm already working on. In addition I do still plan to work on Legends at http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=33 The http://PlatinumArts.Net webpage will soon be getting a revamp and it will serve as a central location for anyone interested to know what projects I am working on. And of course I am still doing the weekly radio show, now located at EGLN.net so feel free to stop by. You can download our latest show, featuring an interview with Red Orchestra at http://www.gs.egln.net/gspotshows/Show3.mp3 This definitely won't be the last LMS news post so be sure to keep stopping by! I really want to give a huge thanks to all of our beta testers and the community for all of your support through the development of LMS. You guys and gals have really made it a pleasure to work on LMS and I hope everyone is enjoying LMS as much as I still am :) Take care and thanks for everything. -calimer http://lms.d3files.com irc.OFTC.net channel #lms-mod Check out our business page at: http://PlatinumArts.NET Sign up for our newsletter! http://lms.d3files.com/newsletter.php Our Mod Database Page: http://mods.moddb.com/3871/ Also feel free to talk to us on ventrilo (voice chat) at: HOST = voice-va1.branzone.com | PORT = 3848 | PASS = hotlms one.com | PORT = 3848 | PASS = hotlms

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