LMS Co-op Updates - GDC/IGF Awards Video, GDC Pictures, Tekka Sekai Interview

By calimer 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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I'm excited to announce that the GDC/IGF Awards Video is finally available for viewing! Now you can watch LMS winning the award for Best Doom 3 Mod Of The Year! As a note we are about 6 minutes into the video, enjoy my awesome speech and screaming, haha. Take a look at it here: http://igf.com/video/ Also we have added some more GDC pictures to our screenshots page, including some pictures taken with the Red Orchestra team :) You can check them out here: http://lms.d3files.com/screenshots.php?page=&sort=&perPage=&album=IGF.GDC Additionally a LMS features list has been compiled so that people can check out everything LMS has to offer, check it out here: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1867 Recently I was interviewed by Jay and Tom of http://www.tekkasekai.myfxh.com Be sure to check it out, it was a really fun interview and also it includes some of my plans for the future :) http://www.tekkasekai.myfxh.com/interviews/lms The great folks over at http://www.cvg.no-ip.com/ are sponsoring a Co-op night April 30th at 7pm Central time which should be a great get together. I plan on attending and I hope to see a good turnout there :) You can read more about it here: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1869 Over at DoomWadStation.com Sematary was kind of enough to create a whole page on his website dedicated to LMS. Be sure to support his site and check out our page on there here: http://www.doomwadstation.com/doom3tc/lms/ And last but certainly not least there is an early sneak peak of the upcoming standalone game that I'm working on. Check back for more updates! You can check out the sneak peak here: http://lms.d3files.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1872 I want to thank everyone that has helped to keep the LMS community going strong. I'm so amazed at how much continued support LMS receives. I'm so glad to see how much everyone is still enjoying the mod, and if you haven't grabbed the mod yet be sure to do so here: http://lms.d3files.com/downloads.php Take care and thanks once again to the community for the support. -calimer http://lms.d3files.com irc.OFTC.net channel #lms-mod Check out our business page at: http://PlatinumArts.NET Sign up for our newsletter! http://lms.d3files.com/newsletter.php Our Mod Database Page: http://mods.moddb.com/3871/

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