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By Hfx-Rebel 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Hfx-Rebel; I am the Site Admin at a couple other sites, as well as a Network Administrator. Since your previous Site Admin has been MIA for the last little while, he has been removed, and until a suitable replacement can be found, I will be tending to D3Files. Content can still be sent in to the team email, however, should you have an issue or question, and need an immediate response, you can contact me at hfx_rebel[AT]filefront[DOT]com. I have gone through the email inbox, and cleaned out the tremendous amount of spam, I have a couple files which I will be uploading, and I have contacted a few of the authors that have sent in material...if you haven't received an email from me, and your file is not hosted, please resend it, and I will get it up ASAP! I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause any of you. Now, for the unpleasantness...the rules. Of coarse, all of the rules which can be found throughout the Network of sites is in effect, however, the one that I would like to reinforce, are the [i]Comment rules[/i]. These are:
  • 1. No "Yay I got First Post!" posts, no exceptions and no matter what other content the post has!
  • 2. No Pornographic Material. Any sexually oriented imagery or links to such content will not be tolerated.
  • 3. No Warez or Illegal Software. This includes linking to software, posting about it, and suggesting to get it.
  • 4. No Cursing or Swear words. We encourage you to use our comment sections as a forum to debate files, news, etc., but please use proper adjectives to express yourself. We will not tolerate abuse upon another member or author.
  • 5. No Attacks / Retaliation of any kind against a member, or group of members.
  • 6. Please do not advertise for other sites or forums here.
  • 7. Maximum of 3 smileys per regular member.
If you have any questions, feel free to post them here, or drop me an email!

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