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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


We have some great news to share with you from Benny Jay! He has informed us that he will be releasing a mappack to the Doom III community before he hangs up his map making know-how! If you were one of the lucky ones that enjoyed the popular The Skeletal Passage | Full (v1.1), then you are definitely going to be in for a treat! (If you have not yet had the pleasure of enjoying this awesome mod, then what are you waiting for...start your download now and be welcomed with open arms into the cool group! ;) )

As my fans know, I have been on a break from doom 3 map designing for the public for a while now, but I have decided to put out one more map pack before a stop making maps.

This map pack is much like The Skeletal Passage, which I released earlier this year, as I am using the same design theme.

This Mappack, according to Benny Jay, will be a lot like his earlier map release, as he will be using the same design theme, but this one will have loads more detail and a much better gameplay. This developer has also stated that, provided he can secure permission from Murph, you will also have the pleasure of having the Allied Marine Squadmates mod featured in it! How cool is that?!

...To make it worth the wait, we have also been informed that a Demo will be released shortly! :rock: Stay tuned for more information as it comes available!

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