New (massive) D3 review

By Bluehair 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Take a good seat because this one will stick you in front of your monitor for a long time or more exactly foUr long pages! I could give you the rating but I'm sure you can already guess about it: ;) It is well-written anyway. [url=http://www.barrys-rigs-n-reviews.com/reviews/2004/games/d3/d3_1.htm]Click me[/url] to jump straight into the first page! [quote]Anyone who isn't amazed, impressed and scared out of their wits when playing this game with the lights off and their speakers cranked up is probably as dead as the zombies that relentlessly stalk and ambush you though the darkened corridors of the UAC research facility.[/quote]

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