New "Mod": Hell on Earth Sound

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  • Submitted by Neurological and Millenovecentottanta
  • Hi! We would like to introduce you to our project which is dedicated to the DooM soundtrack! DooM was a fantastic game, it changed forever the pc entertainment. One of its greatest points was its soundtrack, even if today it sounds a bit dated but it had such a great atmosphere! This project aims to remake all tracks from the Ultimate DooM and DooM 2: Hell on Earth, with real instruments and state-of-the-art recording. It's born from our passion for Music and Videogames but also because we felt that the time to pay tribute to DooM and Robert Prince, the composer of its score, has come. This project is open to anyone who is capable of doing music, so feel free to join us if you want! Also, this tribute is not bound to a specific genre, the most important for us being to make it good in honor of DooM. In the media section of our site, several rearrangements in Metal/Rock styles are ready for download. We have spent a lot of time and energy in this project (not only in rearrangements and recording) and hence we are very proud of it! We hope you appreciate our work and would be pleased if you dropped a few words in our guest book. The remake is still in progress though, so stay tuned. Last, but not least, I would like to thank Laura Lagana (aka ElfyFairly) for helping us with the graphics of our website! Thanks! Many thx also to Gyppi from the GTX mod for the above banner! Regards!

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