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Published by Bluehair 15 years ago , last updated 3 years ago
Remember this mini-mod called [file="45720"]6DoF aka Six Degrees of Freedom[/file]? It was a sort of "proof of concept" to demonstrate that 6dof motion and controls -- just like the older dizzying space shooter game Descent, was all possible in DOOM 3. Well, it seems that the mod has now taken larger proportions. Please welcome Into Cerberon, a Descent total conversion mod for DOOM 3!
Into Cerberon aims to bringing the gameplay of the definitive 6-degrees-of-freedom game, Descent, into the industrial gloom of Doom 3. Fly around the interiors of mines, refineries, research centres, and other industro-technical environments with full six degrees of freedom control: roll, tilt, yaw, and slide in all directions. Battle with your friends in pitch-black tunnels in the multiplayer action, or take on robots infected with a terrible nanovirus plague in the singleplayer campaign. An array of tremendous weapons are at your command; from the humble lasers (that become not so humble once upgraded), to the tremendous Mega Missile, to the awe-inspiring ElectroHull, and to the insidious UV-8 Ultraviolet Emitter. Featuring claustrophobic environments and gut-wrenching action, with enemies coming at you from every which way, Into Cerberon will scare you like Doom 3 couldn't. Hide in the shadows if you're afraid, or run and gun if you can aim. Turn on your headlights to see, but be aware that they make you more visible, too. We recommend keeping a fresh pair of pants handy. Fire up your afterburners, check your quad lasers, and prepare to descend... Into Cerberon.
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