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There are some nice screenshots of a map in progress at [b]DOOM3World[/b]. I don't know whether it is SP or MP but it is going quite large apparently. [b]IRON-PAWW[/b] has received positive feedback about it even though some people have complained about the textures being too repetitive. [quote]At the moment I'm going through a list of environmental Ideas I've got to see how I can create them using the DooM3 engine. As a result a lot of the areas I've made are only about 80% done, needing more detailing work and a revisiting of the textures used. With some of the new things I've learned I'm going to throw some stuff out the window and rebuild some areas. Map is getting kinda large now. I think I'm gonna build a grand Finale then finish the map..... which will take another millennium no doubt.......[/quote]

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