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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


A ShackNews' reader made an interesting post yesterday about a Quake CG movie called "Quake Rebellion" that one of one of his friends is making and for which he has written the script. Quake is not DOOM that's right but the thing is that this movie's hero is portrayed by DOOM 3's; furthermore, it seems to be using DOOM 3's engine!

You can watch the trailer below, altogether impressive and rightly so.

In other news, this reader is also the creator of Zombie Slayer for which a demo is posted here. He reports that it's done at 75% and that we could expect a trailer in the next media update. In the meantime, he sent out the following pictures:

We have two new images available. The first image is an overhead shot of chapter 3_1, the tram station. As you can tell from the corpses strewn about, the gore everywhere, and the smoke in the air, a battle had just taken place.

The second image is the Chapter 1 loading screen created by David Kosta. You may recognize this image from the demo. This image is now fully colored and complete.

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