QuakeCon 2006 Will Take Place

By Bluehair 17 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The official QuakeCon website confirms that this year's edition will take place, thus refuting recent rumors that spread that it had been cancelled. However, not a shred of information about the program even though we expect to see previews of Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, Return to Castle Wolfenstein 2 and mayhap get some news about id's new IP.
There have obviously been a number of rumors circulating recently, but this is to let everyone know that QuakeCon 2006 has NOT been cancelled. We've had a number of issues securing a venue and dates that suit the needs of the event, the attendees, and the staff. This has taken many turns and longer than expected, but we are working very hard to get everything wrapped up and announced very soon.

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