Recall to Hell Updated - Hot and Cold News

By Bluehair 18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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The latest Recall to Hell newsletter reveals that the first enemy model has been successfully integrated into the mod and that we would be introduced to it in the next issue. Otherwise, Mr Elusive, one of their level designers, has just finished his second side project for Quake 4, a Single Player map called "Cold Steel". The map can be downloaded from their website, though I can't figure out where the damn link is!
Ice cold steel and dark corridors - that's how our leadmapper Elusive's side project of the same name presents itself: "Cold Steel". You may look forward to solid brushwork, well placed weapons, as well as a whole army of nasty Strogg, who arm themselves in neat cutscenes to show you what they've got. Finally our members Mantikor, Dreyseth and Waran helped completing the singleplayer map with custom-textures, -models and -sounds.

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