Review of a D3-themed gaming keyboard

By Bluehair 19 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Barry's Rigs 'n Reviews has just posted a review of the "Zboard Gaming Keyboard" for DOOM 3. The D3 keyset that comes with it has its own unique key mappings; in particular, you can activate any weapon, the console, get back to the main menu etc at a single key press which is indeed very handy. This keyboard costs $39 and each additional keyset around $19. Besides, it also comes with a standard keyset making it suitable for handling more traditional tasks such as text processing. It does look nice but if you are left-handed, you won't find it that great. [quote]I particularly liked the enlarged dedicated gaming keys for moving and jumping, and the fact that there’s a pre-mapped key to pull down the DOOM3 console with one quick tap without having to modify shortcuts or config files. They’ve even thrown in two keys that will take your right to the id Software and Official DOOM 3 websites (OK, so I’m getting lazy in my old age).[/quote] Here is the link to the full review: [url="http://www.barrys-rigs-n-reviews.com/reviews/2004/hardware/zboard/zboard1.htm"]http://www.barrys-rigs-n-reviews.com/reviews/2004/hardware/zboard/zboard1.htm[/url]

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