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By Zimbabwe 21 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Todd H from id software has gifted us with another of his famous .plans, this time regarding Quakecon broadcasting, and he also tell us, that the BYOC is full. As he claims, you can still come around just to look, but they "have tapped out the space for computers". Full .plan: [quote] 8/16/2002 QuakeCon 2002 is now in full swing. If you couldn't make it out this year, you can still follow all of the tournament action live via ShoutCast at www.tsncentral.com. The broadcasters are doing an excellent job with the frag-by-frag and even have a little webcam hooked up. Finals are scheduled for around 2PM tomorrow Central Time. Also, the BYOC area at QuakeCon 2002 is now full. You're still welcome to come and look around, see DOOM III, etc., but we have tapped out the space for computers. [/quote]

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