UAC: Corruption

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Michael "Sniper Dude" Daniels from Doom Arena has sent me some new information and screenshot of a new map he is working on for Doom 3. It's entitled UAC: Corruption. It's basically a huge level, with stacks of rooms, and it's a multiplayer level, as that tends to be what he likes to stick to. Here's what he said about it: [quote]A level, which is set after Doom 3's alpha labs occurs. This is a level, which basically shows UAC after it has hell has taken over, and you start on a normal looking area, but as your progress, it gets more and more hellish. From the way I'm describing it, you would think it's a Single Player map, but on the contrary, it is an online multiplayer level. The top being the infected part, and the lower part being the most normal. It is taking placein a subsection of the UAC, which was a dicussion/conference area. Anyhow, it's littered with traps, damages, pickups, items, weapons, and the norm. As you may know, I created a level called The Hellish Complex, and from that I learned that there was an excess of lighting. This level is made dark, and you'll have to make decisions, such as whether to kill someone, or to avoid falling the lava pit. This is the desired effect, and I hope it'll be quite enjoyable when it's done. I'd say it should be done within the next week. Some screenshots are included of it's current progress. [/quote] I've posted some pictures for you to see of it below. Thanks to Sniperdude for sending me these details! We looking forward to seeing your map Sniper!

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