Weekly Poll Results - When do you play Doom 3?

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


When do you play Doom 3?

Whenever I can 49.7% (84)
Mostly in the evening 32.5% (55)
The weekend is for me 11.8% (20)
In the morning 5.9% (10)
Total: 169
Start: 07-13-2008 19:53
Last: 07-21-2008 18:30

 #1 - Posted by: GIJesse7 (Member) on 07-13-2008 at 21:22

For some weird reason, i always like to play doom 3 when it is dark outside, i don't know why, i guess the atmosphere. To me, you don't get the same experience when playing during the day time.

 #2 - Posted by: Yuuki_Minoru (Member) on 07-15-2008 at 09:14

how do you put "2am with the lights out" in the poll? xD

 #3 - Posted by: Keland (Member) on 07-16-2008 at 00:20

Yup, always at midnight, headphones on, volume cranked up, 100% dark room. And Im set. Oh yeah, and Im alone.

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