Weekly Poll Results - Would you like to see a multiple-part SP Campaign released

By Hfx-Rebel 16 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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Would you like to see a multiple-part SP Campaign released?

Hell yeah! 87.3% (277)

If one was released, I might play it 10% (32)

Nah, I prefer MP 2.5% (8)

Total: 317
Start: 09-23-2007 19:59
Last: 10-08-2007 14:25

#1 - Posted by: Shibbywrd (Member) on 09-24-2007 at 08:27
everyones saying yes. high five. but sadly no one will care enough to make this poll into a truth

#2 - Shibbywrd... - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 09-24-2007 at 08:37
...I think part of the deal is that modding/mapping takes a lot of work. I've started - sheesh I can't tell you how many SP maps I've started - it's quite an undertaking to say the least to develop some sort of story (unique or "lost communication with XYZ"), level-type/location, ambience, linear gameplay or not, etc. And if I may semi-quote Ice Trey, far too many people who post POTD's, maps, etc., and then get flamed for launching what someone perceives as "crap," it's not surprising people end up not bothering. And as I've said before, typically these ones who like to take the wind outta people's sails, end their useless babble with "...and I'm not a modder/mapper so don't even go there blah blah blah" drivel. Just my 2¢. :D

#3 - ...umm... - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 09-24-2007 at 08:38
...that dang winky smiley was not intentional in my previous post. LOL!

#4 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-26-2007 at 14:32
well, i dont wanna complain, BUT, lately the comments on this otherwise great forum has become what id call "CS-ish", ie "u n00b", "joo st!nkz", "dis suxx" etc, i dont mind the l335lingo but i do mind the nastiness of (some) of the comments, respect the author ffs! Hes trying to enhance a game we all love, i understand not all can like what people do, but respect the effort and work that he put in it for YOUR benefit! Give POSITIVE criticism instead of going "dis suxx0rs!" or whatever, if not, take a guess what will happen when all modmakers only get flamed and called "n00b" here hmm? It shouldnt take a genius to figure that out ..

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#6 - To #5 poster, richingame: - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 09-27-2007 at 08:00
WTF I mean WTH - over? Is that a fantastic new SP mod rivaling the best FileFront folks have to offer? Y-e-a-h - got your runescape right here. ;) Thanks for playing, don't come again. Someone miss Rule #6? Now where did I put my BFG...

#7 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-27-2007 at 09:25
the only thing cheap in post nr 5 is the IQ of the poster

#10 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-29-2007 at 14:32
and the spambots have overtaken this place :( i dont have the energy or id pay those ip-s a lil "visit"

#11 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-29-2007 at 14:34
btw i forgot to add, maybe now the ability to BLOCK certain chosen mebers could be incoporated??

#12 - Now... - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 15:09
...there's a great idea - block those bot "members!" Do you think that poster #8, ruicong100, is poster #5's cousin AND brother per chance? Think it's one of them thar "family secrets" or somethin'...ya know...the family tree that is devoid of any branches?

#13 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 22:09
LMAO hahaha ys, theyre like Peggy Wankers family tree (Peggy is Al Bundys wife in "Married with children") ie total inbreeders with no jaws ^^ I can see how those Wanker family members would be spammers if they ever gotten hold of a computer, only actual morons would steep THAT low, theyre all cancerous polyps in the@nus of humanity

#14 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 09-30-2007 at 22:10
hmm guess i should have spelled Wanker like W@nker (yes that IS the name in the show lol, dont blame me)

#15 - LOL! - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-01-2007 at 16:46
Terrific analogy Ice Trey - and I'll just add the hand down the pants watching TV - yip. Um...hey - wait - OMG - they're breeding AND they got hold of a computer! Ahhhhhh! LMAO!!

#16 - Posted by: CC_2224_Cody_2 (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 00:57
yah, i agree to the "we shouldnt flame mods or there will be no more mod makers" but honestly mods like holyshit mod should get flamed or atleast bad constructive criticism. :beer:

#17 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 09:56
lol impala, yeah one wonders HOW spammers breed, IF they can, prob all a bunch of testtube babies anyhow, no chick would wanna go to bed with a retarded spammer, so that leaves three choices - testtube babies, inbreeding or "joining the other team" as Seinfeld puts it

#18 - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 14:27
Alas - sad but true! And not to mention "double-dipping" cuz no normal person would "spare a square" to these special folks - LOL! I crack myself up sometimes - "Serenity now!"

#19 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 14:52
hehe Frank Costanza rules! Maybe those spamtards could try out the "mansear" ;)

#20 - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-02-2007 at 15:58
Festivus for the rest of us! Which would invariably make the spamtards squeak "it moved" however "imperceptible" - and we're not talking about "shift" - we're talking about "the sign - the test." Boy has this poll digressed - LOL! Um - [x] Hell yeah to a multiple-part SP Campaign!

#21 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-03-2007 at 15:29
"no bagel-no bagel-no bagel!!" ^^ Hell yeah, id love to play more campaigns, if i could map for doom id deff do so, but since Milkshape crashes every 5 minutes its a TAD hard getting anywhere with it :( Theres a part of a FC map id redo for doom if i could do, would be cool! Heh ..

#22 - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 10:01
Hehe - the "no bagel" reminds me of when Jerry was trying to get that last loaf of special bread and ends up tackling that poor old lady for it. LOL! I like to map/script, but the time involved is really immense if you want to do something on par with id's maps. Had a neat map that started out with you in your own room and your monitor screen starts typing, next the camera view watches you as yer whisked by on the train, then you enter the map. One stupid nVidia "uninstall these drivers first" suggestion wiped out my hard drive (they were MBD drivers which, well, you can figure that out). Totally P.I.S.T. me off! My problem is trying to come up with ideas. Bummer on your Milkshape program crashing - uh oh - sorry - gonna digress - Milkshape reminds me of: "My milkshape brings all the boys to the yard..." Great, now I'm gonna have that Kelis song going through my mind all day at work! Ahhhhh! LOL!

#23 - Oops - - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 10:04
Hehe - um - er - that would be "My *milkshake*..." - hehe.

#24 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 12:29
hehe yeah who knnows where id been IF this stupid Crashshape program hadnt been so useless ...Ive ehard a lot of people having probs with it too so its not just me, one wonders WHO programmed it, microsoft??

#25 - Humm... - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-04-2007 at 12:49
Did you mean "Micro$oft" and perhaps with a heavy overhead language like VB? Humm...one wonders as you say.

#26 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-05-2007 at 11:45
i KNOW ive seen some clip somewhere of bill gates playing cs, first he got stuck at the doors of aztec (evil relentless doors grr) and then he got wasted by like 3 awp hoes cuss he got to the middle of the map and just stood there, facing the wrong way lol altho im sure he bought the rights to that clip and hid it somewhere deep in his archive of "n00b adventures of my life" ^^ Good thing he couldnt buy the rights to "Pirates of silicon valley" :)

#27 - Posted by: GIJesse7 (Member) on 10-06-2007 at 19:44
that would be wonderful.

#28 - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 07:31
LOL! Now that sounds like a great cs clip to watch! Yo - everyone - BULLET BAIT FRAG-FEST TIME! Bet the other players had a field day and now have that listed on their resumes! There is a silly video clip of him in the Doom game from like 1995 on you tube. Quite, well, you hafta see it to fill in the rest. Hehe - had to look up that pirate movie cuz I wasn't familiar with it so went on to the movie database site and there's a picture of our friend Mr. Gate$ standing next to an old computer (a REALLY old one), big 80's glasses, pants pulled way up (prolly highwaters at this point), aww yeah - a righteous pic I'm sure he wouldn't mind going away!

#29 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 08:46
lmao :P Ubergeeks of the world - unit and take over, oops they already did hmmm and yeah "Pirates of silicon valley" is a very interesting film, i can fully see why mr gate$ tried desperately to stop it, the truth can, sometimes, be VERY revealing ^^

#32 - Uh oh... - Posted by: ImpalaSS (Member) on 10-07-2007 at 18:36
...ruicong100 & prolly richingame are breeding again! Someone take their computer away from them or neuter/spay 'em already!

#33 - Posted by: Ice_Trey (Member) on 10-08-2007 at 12:20
i wonder why those SPAMMERS arent banned ???? theyre obviously devoid of any intellect nor are they gonna post anything remotely of interest regarding doom3-doom3 filefront...


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