Z-Hunter Doom3 Modification release

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Published by Hfx-Rebel 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Ok all, the time is here :)

Today we give you Z-Hunter, a top down modification for Doom 3.

I've updated the site with links to the release,(http://www.zhunter.atomicarmadillo.com/) currently await on the other host to authorize the file, soon as they do I will update the site in turn.

We've spent around 7-8 month's on the mod which is relatively short for a Doom3/Tech4 mod, but I'm sure you will find the mod entertaining.

We've also put the Z-Hunter original soundtrack up for download, same as the mod waiting on the host's. Desecrative phoneticism the Soundtracks Author's have also given the go ahead for the tracks to be used by other mod author's, so gobble that up, should go without saying that they do require you to credit them for their work, and you should in noway make money from this!

Thats all folk's

Comments and crits are welcome

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