Zboard Gaming Keyboard

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[b]VIA Gamers[/b] let us know that they had posted a review of the [b]Zboard[/b] interchangeable keyboard with the DOOM 3 keyset. This is basically a keyboard for which you can change the layout depending on the application/game that you are using. It is mainly designed for FPS and action games though. The review goes over presenting the whole product and ends up saying whether it is suited for new and veteran PC gamers. The picture below shows the DOOM 3 keyset, the standard one looks more... standard eh eh ---- Links: |- [url="http://www.viavga.com/default.aspx?PageID=20&AID=358"]VIA Gamer's review[/url] |- [url="http://www.zboard.com/us/index.php"]Zboard[/url] |- [url="http://www.zboard.com/enlarge/zoom.php?title=Doom%203&image=Doom3_Rev1g_Keyset_Preview.jpg&country=ca&board=false"]The same picture as below but at a higher res. (3000x947)[/url]

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