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Audio Doom3 Audio Theme

This is the full Doom 3 audio theme given to us by gta3kilchy. Any D3 fan should have this. ~Lt_Commander


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Audio Doom 3 Theme Reloaded

This is a sound track meant to replace the original D3 theme. It is basically the same except that this one clearly sounds better, notably t...


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Audio DOOM Radio - The Last Show

Its been fun, it now it must end. All is told inside. The last Doom Radio Show. Credits: IDsoftware, Marc Pullen, Overclocked M...


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Audio OldSchool Doom Sound Pack

This replaces many of your sounds in DOOM 3 with the classic sounds from DOOM 1 and 2. Some of them are mixed with DOOM 3 sounds, som...


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Audio x - MASS Soundtrack

x - MASS O.S.T. composed & executed by Nicola "Neurological" Capecci. 8 tracks + front and back cover. Format: mp3 192kbps. For more info se...


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Audio DOOM 3 Theme

Hello guys and girls. :) Here I have got the Doom III Theme Tune for you. Now, I know that MOST Doom III gamers already have this tune BU...


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Audio DOOM 64 Theme

Doom 64's title theme for Doom 3. Just unzip this to your Doom 3/base folder. Fire up Doom 3 and enjoy. All this will do is change the or...


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Audio In Hell's E1M1 Theme Song

For those that are familiar with the In Hell mod for Doom 3, one of the secret levels in that mod is a level called E1M...


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Audio Outbreak Main Theme

This music is made from the game Resident Evil: Outbreak, very classic. The tune is full of passion and deep sorrow, also little gun shot so...


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Audio Horror Main Theme

It's hard to find some horrific theme to suit d3. This one may not be horrible, but it's one of the best music i've heard. The tune conta...


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Audio E1M9 Remix

This is a remix of a DooM sound track in MP3 format (E1M9 level). Length: 6'18". Preview:


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Audio Incubation Beta 2.3 OST

This is the soundtrack of the map. The archive includes a "classic" version and a remix. Summary:       Compression: MP3       Length:...


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Audio Coop Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing Heavy Metal Soundtrack

The folks over at LMS have released their Coop Doom 3 Mod Last Man Standing heavy metal soundtrack! In a...