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Flashlights The Pistol Flashlight Mod

Alright, people have been complaining about not being able to use the flashlight with weapons so by John 'Cryect' Rittenhouse decided for...


Flashlights Flashlight DeathMatch In The Dark Mod

What it is basically, is the level "lights out" but with a twist. When you turn the lights out (via the generator), they DONT come back...


Flashlights Flashlight DeathMatch In The Dark Mod

The first version did not have 1 hit kills and lead to boring gladiator battles. Here is the updated version. fixes below +--Version 1.2...


Flashlights Stupid Gunlights

This will add an invisible shoulder flashlight to the BFG, Chaingun, Machinegun, Pistol, Plasma gun, and Shotgun, which is enough to cover t...


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Flashlights VariLight Mod

Basically VariLight is based on Duct Tape ( ), and whilst Duct Tape is an awesome mod in its own right, it la...


Flashlights Hello Kitty Flashlight

This file is a mod to a mod. It has a Hello Kitty image as the flashlight light for the ducttape mod. All rights to Hello Kitty remain w...


Flashlights Mortal Kombat Flashlight

This mod replaces the flashlight light for the ducttape mod with a Mortal Kombat logo. Very interesting.


Flashlights Pentagram Flashlight

This file is a mod of a mod of a mod. It uses the pentagram decal (pak004.pk4/textures/decals/spawndecal.tga) for your flashlight. It's bee...


Flashlights Baphomet Flashlight

This makes the flashlight (also light emanating from some other guns) into a common symbol of Baphomet. This mod is themed to the general en...


Flashlights Sieben's Large Radius Flashlight

If Mars' cheap flashlight sickens you, then grab this mod right now! It will increase its radius so you can see a little better. Check out t...


Flashlights Re-authored Lights mod

This mod takes "the very best" from other flashlight mods, and adds it all up to make one. The mod makes various changes to the flashligh...


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Flashlights VariLight

This mod is derived from the famous Duct Tape mod that "sticks flashlights to your machinegun and shotgun". Yet, there are questionable ch...


Flashlights Bat Signal FlashLight

By rights this ought to seem stupid, but just look at that screenshot. How cool is that?


Flashlights Thunder Cats FlashLight

For our money SkizoT EnigMa's flashlight mod is the coolest of the bunch. Thundercats ho indeed.


Flashlights PENTALIGHT

This mod adds a new look and feel to both the pistol and the flashlight. See the screenshots to guess about them (easy).


Flashlights TH-Lights

ES!! Another Light Mod for Doom 3!! I've taken the best from some of the light mods out and tweaked them a little..


Flashlights PlayBoy Icon Flashlight

This skin changes the shape that the flashlight beam projects on the walls i.e. instead of a bright circle, you will now see the head of a r...


Flashlights Target Light

Turns Your Flashlight Ray into A Target Symbole


Flashlights Falken's Light Mod

The latest update, now with a huge light radius for the grumpy ones


Flashlights Heartagram Flashlight

this is my first flashlight mod....and i think it's damn good.


Flashlights Duct Tape NoObEvEr

The mod: - Add a flashlight on all fire weapons, 2 X more powerfull then the standard hand flashlight. - Any weapons are modified, the r...


Flashlights View

This is a collaboration of a few mods to make, in my opinion, the best lighting mod with visual enhancers. This mod is for people who wan...


Flashlights View

This is a collaboration of a few mods to make, in my opinion, the best lighting with visual enhancers mod. This version might not work prope...


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Flashlights Super Flashlight

This mod adds 5 new operating modes to the regular flashlight. To cycle through the modes, tap the RELOAD button, this will advance you to t...


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