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Maps Metal World Map

This is a remake of a classic CS map "Ice World" but in the new Doom 3 universe. This map is my RC and is version 1.0 and might still hav...


Maps Keller Hall

This is a representation of Keller Hall at auburn university. It includes a few rooms and a basement. There are switches to turn off light...


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Maps BBB

This submission is a "tech map" meant to solely demonstrate the author's mapping skills. It is part of a work in progress and then it is inc...


Maps Solar Hell

Great 2 level multiplayer Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Tourney and Last Man Standing map! Variety of weapons, great power-ups and even zom...


Maps MetalDeath

MetalDeath is a small but open map with some secrets in some areas. Watch were you go! :-p


Maps Fists Arena

Thx for downloading for my first mod, it isnt a big change, but can be played with 4 players.


Maps Boneyard's Downward Spiral

A single player map that puts the player in a pit full of demons. The player must travel downward in the pit watching out for demons...


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Maps The Sigma Core

Sigma Core extends the story of the game. Has some pretty cool gameplay and visuals. There are lots of enemies, and plenty of surprises to k...


Maps Unpredictable D3 New AI V 1.0

Here is the newest version of sfmastre's New AI mod. Here's some excerpts: - NewAI - That i change and make it better every day, and bu...


Maps Make It To Morning 5: Alcatraz

It's time to get ready for some serious gaming, so be ready! Once you arrive at Alcatraz, by the only means on or of the island, by...


Maps UAC Corporate

Kevin Thomas has been busy lately, and because of this, we have a new map for you to add to your collection! If you're after a map...


Maps mars_city_upgrade

bullseye is back, and he came bearing gifts! What gift does he have for the Doom3 community, you ask? ...Well, he brought with him the foll...


Maps mars_city_upgrade

How many times have you fired up Doom3, found yourself in the 'Mars City' level, and thought: "Ya know...with a little something extra ar...


Maps The Focus

This is for all of you Doom II lovers out there that get nostalgic, and long for some of that retro-Doom goodness!! (OK, so you guys...


Maps mars_city_upgrade

Everyone has their fave map, or level, from Doom3...and everyone has their least fave; For those of you that are of the mind that mars_c...


Maps Bassein_2

We have a first time mDoom III map maker in our midst today, make welcome for the arrival of XXX3_RDC as he delivers a MultiPlayer ma...


Maps TKF V3 MaRiNe Mized

MaRiNe {KAN} has returned with version 3 of his map, with this download, he has fixed a few even as TKF V3 MaRiNe Mized carries...


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Maps Quake E1M7

This is a very open map, great for hardcore constant action, bevare of the pit though, it really isnt all that pleasent.


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Maps MazeMaker - Random Recursive Maze Generator

Essentially, maze maker is a simple proof-of-concept for recursive scripting in DOOM 3. When a button on the GUI is clicked, the program ran...


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Maps CustomMap - ThePit-v1.0.pk4

This is a multiplayer map for Doom 3


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Maps Lighting Showcase Map

This is a DOOM 3 map that shows off some of the cool lighting.


Maps Church of Ruins v1.0

A small church is over run by demons on mars and it is your mission to destroy them to protect earth.There are a couple of hidden rooms and...


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Maps Stack Level from Goldeneye 64

This is a rendition of stack from Goldeneye 64 for DOOM 3, a well balanced multiplayer map.


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Maps Blastphemy Map

A middle room with large towers and a complex of hallways on the outer-rim of the map.