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Miscalleneous Fight Club

- No weapons other than Fists/Flashlight - Hits to the head do 4x damage - Running speed decreased to default walking speed to make boxing...


Miscalleneous Ungibbable

Ungibbable is a small mod for Doom 3 that prevents bodies from gibbing and disappearing when hit. Instead, bodies stay intact and remain th...


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Miscalleneous UAC Sentry Robot

ReKTeK has reprogrammed the Sentry Robot(s) to follow the player around the game. UAC Sentry Robot is the next best thing to Co-Op! :)


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Miscalleneous Sentry Minion

(Note: File similar to: ReKTeK's UAC Sentry Robot) This mod gives you a sentry bot to help u in those hairy situatio...


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Miscalleneous Doom III Any Operating System



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Miscalleneous Easy Grenade Toss Mod

This mod makes throwing grenades much faster and easier.


Miscalleneous Mashine Pistol Mod

This is another little weapons mod, that changes the handgun and makes it a more powerfull mashinegun. But be aware, this little mother eat...


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Miscalleneous Kill Intro

This PK4 is for skip the introduction video(IDLOGO CINEMATIC) and will give you the chance to press ''ESC'' to go ''EXIT'' to the me...


Miscalleneous Nightflash Modification

This is another little mod, that incresses the amout of granades you can carry to 5. Also the mod changes the granades physics and adds new...


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Miscalleneous Modified Handcannon

This little mod changes the handgun to seem more "realisitic". It's a good simple little mod, just right for you when you think the handgun...


Miscalleneous Splash - loadingscreen

This replaces the original loading screen with a new one. It looks pretty good, only a bit washy IMHO.


Miscalleneous Vestux Bodymod

By using this mod, your killed opponents will no longer just disappear, but they will stay for some extra massacre. Very nice Vestux, me li...


Miscalleneous Enhanced Mod

This is a modification that changes several things in the game. Includes are longer demon teleportation, human zombies can no longer be gibb...


Miscalleneous Cold Breath

This mod provides several enhancements to the game for your enjoyment. They affect the monster sounds that were annoying to hear, the famous...


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Miscalleneous DOOM 3: Reloaded

Here is another update for the Doom³Reloaded modification. The mod makes loads of little changes, like delaying the burn effect for killes...


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Miscalleneous A Slight Edge

This is a small modification that will change the balance of the pistol, shotgun, and plasma gun to be more a little more powerful. This wil...


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Miscalleneous The Real Nightmare

If either Doom 3 was too easy for you even on the highest difficulty setting or if having to choose between the flashlight and the weapon so...


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Miscalleneous Reborn

This mod enhances greatly a few visual effects (e.g. monster vaporization delayed by 10", better explosions, molten metal effect added to b...


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Miscalleneous classic cyberdemonmod

This little mod changes the Cyberdemon, to be behave more like the original cyberdemon. ie it is stronger, but can be damaged by all weapon...


Miscalleneous spawn-ft's Walkway

This file features a handful of ready-to-use prefabs. They are meant to be used for creating various rails e.g. for an articulated bridge, a...


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Miscalleneous Ryan's DOOM 3 Mod Pak File

This pak file addresses a number of problems (at least I think so) in DOOM 3, most notably the sound effects for monsters and weapons...


Miscalleneous Ultra FPS Boost

Another tweaker tool, that can optimize your Doom3 settings.


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Miscalleneous Dr. Pepper Prefab

Hi all! I'm going to make this quick so that I can get back to mapping (no shit). This is a prefab of a Dr. Pepper machine for anyon...


Miscalleneous Baron of hell skin

What is this Mod: This mod changes the skin for the Hellknight to look more like the original Baron of Hell. Mod qualitiy: The skin loo...


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