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Others High Resolution Doom III Screenshots

This is a .zip file containing a bunch of Hi-res screens from Doom III, along with the id software logo in vector. Usable for fan sites, mag...


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Others Doom 3 Nokia 6320 screensaver

This is a logo screensaver for your mobile, made for the Nokia 6320 , but probly will work with other mobiles too. Looks rather neet, espec...


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Others Pocket PC DooM Themes

Warning: this file is destined to owners of a Pocket PC powered by Windows CE. "Two Pocket PC/Windows CE Themes. One is a nice DooM logo...


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Others DOOM 3 Cursors for Windows

I couldn't find any doom 3 cursors on the net so me and my friend made our own. This file contains pointers for your mouse :)


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Others Wishboned Fat Zombie

This is just a screenshot of a fat zombie I killed that seemed to have a little extra misfortune in where he landed. There shouldn't be an...


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Others Teaser Trailer for Ultimate Mod

This is the teaser trailer for the Ultimate Mod for Doom 3. Scheduled release date is October 21, 2006. The trailer is in DivX format.