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Tutorials Fixing Leaks

4 minute video on how to get rid of map leaks using pointfiles as a guide.


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Tutorials Showing The Levelshots Ingame

5 minute video on creating a levelshot that displays in the MP selection list and a map name that displays while the map is loading.


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Tutorials DR - Triggering A Pathfinding Monster

Time for some scary effects, here is how you make a monster spawn, wherever you want it, whenever you want it and how to tell it where to m...


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Tutorials DR - Particle Smoke

Here is a VERY simple way to create a smoke coming out from lika a broken pipe, this could also be scripted to get way better control but I\...


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Tutorials DR - Door Unlocking GUI

Now let's make one of thoose neat computers which you click and then unlocks a door ingame, this is a really useful effect, especially in si...


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Tutorials DR - Sliding Door

This video will show you a quick and simple way to create a sliding door inside of the hallway from the last tutorial. Make sure to add an A...


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Tutorials DR - Turkey Game

Turkey bashing time, this time, on YOUR map, it's a simple way to insert a GUI on a model with a monitor on it. This can be used for stuff l...


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Tutorials DR - Basic Room

Here I'm covering the creation of a simple level with 2 rooms and a short hallway connecting them. Tutorial requires basic movement skills i...


Tutorials DR - Triggering Sounds

Another 'scary' effect is to trigger sounds even if you are not planning on making a monster spawn, this will make the player be a bit jumpy...


Tutorials DR - Breakable Glass

Here you will see how easy it is to create a breakable glass window, everything can of course be breakable with this method, this tutorial...


Tutorials DR - Create A Ladder

Need to access high places? Ladders are one of the ways to do this, however I find them most useful for single-player maps with Doom 3 since...


Tutorials DR - Create An Elevator

Need to access high places faster? This is what I recommend for multi-player maps with Doom 3, you should also trigger them to a SPEAKER wit...


Tutorials DR - Create A Handrail

Decorating maps can be pretty difficult if you don't want to use the default model props, here's a pretty simple way to create a handrail...


Tutorials DR - Create A Mirror

This will show you how to make a mirror, it's really just a texture but still, wanted to show anyway. *HINT* Don't make a mirror which coul...


Tutorials DR - Creating Terrain

Make hills and other terrain easy as pie, the terrain I make in this tutorial looks like shit though, but just keep on tweaking it and it sh...


Tutorials DR - Creating A Skybox

If you wan't to have outdoor places in your maps, you will need some kind of skybox to make it look good, I will make a tutorial on creating...


Tutorials PS - Creating A Custom Texture

It's not really so hard to create custom textures for Doom 3, as long as you have pictures or something, here's one easy way to add custom t...


Tutorials DR - A Wallcrawling Monster

An really awsome effect is to have monsters running/walking/crawling on a wall or a ceiling. This video will show you the basics on how to d...


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Tutorials Optimize A Doom 3 Map

5 minute video on how to optimize a map with Caulking and Structural/Detail brushes.


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Tutorials Adding A Second Room

2 minute video on how to make a second room for Doom 3


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Tutorials Creating Curves

5 minute tutorial on how to add basic curves to corners in a Doom 3 map.


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Tutorials Safely editing original Doom3 content

4m30s Long. How to safely alter original Doom 3 content. Specifically, the MP.DEF is altered so a player spawns into a MultiPlayer game with...


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Tutorials Creating A Pk4

Zombies do not work for both host and client in Mp maps. Not yet, anyway. Your MP map MUST have a one Player_Start and at least one Player_D...


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Tutorials Bringing A Textured Mesh Into Doom3

7 minute video on creating a custom static mesh in 3DS Max and Photoshop, and bringing the textured mesh into Doom 3.