6DoF aka Six Degrees of Freedom

6DoF is a mini-mod designed for one purpose: to prove that you can do 6dof motion and controls in Doom3. Since we intend to bring the clas...


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header-BG.jpg 6DoF is a mini-mod designed for one purpose: to prove that you can do 6dof motion and controls in Doom3. Since we intend to bring the classic gameplay of "Descent" into Doom3, this is an absolute necessity.

This mod shows that it's doable. Beyond that, it's buggy as hell, but we just wanted to get it out to show some progress. Some of the issues are irrelevant for our mod anyways or will need to be fixed in an unusual manner.

To use, simply extract to your Doom3 folder. Start up Doom3 and choose "6DoF" in the mods menu.

You'll notice the difference in mouse control immediately, but for the full 6DOF you need to bind keys to "_button5" and "_button6" - these are the buttons for rolling left and right, respectively. I suggest a WASD-QE-ZX scheme: WASD for forward/backward/left/right, QE for roll-right/roll-left, and ZX for up/down.

In all honesty, this little mod is full of bugs and not much more than a code demonstration. But hey, that's all I was shooting for. Lookee here, folks! Doom3 can do what we want! iceheart is already hard at work stuffing a basic model and guns into this package so that we can start to really make Doom descend into the depths of Cerberon...

In addition to what's already in that doc, the mod at this point does not do:

- tri-chord speed-boosting - proper model rotation - bounding box rotation - spin rate limitation - angular inertia - roll inertia - proper behaviour in airless environments

However it does let you fly around the first singleplayer map upside-down or sideways or backwards or however the heck you please.


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Download '6dof_v001.zip' (944KB)

// Posted on DOOM 3 Files w/permission :)

6DoF (Six Degrees of Freedom)

A proof-of-concept mod from the team behind 'Into Cerberon': Descent Into Doom3


Play singleplayer or multiplayer as you wish, but be aware that there are a lot of issues. For one, as soon as you step onto the martian surface (or any airless environment), you'll get sucked right off the map. In multiplayer, if you get whacked by machinery, you'll respawn inside the wall and must restart the game.

Also, be aware that your bounding box does not rotate with your view at this time. This means that in terms of 'colliding with objects', the game still thinks you've got your feet pointing towards the ground. This means no crawling into spaces you couldn't get into before!

Actually, it means no crawling at all either, since the game never considers your feet planted on the ground, and so it'll never let you crawl. Additionally, the player model viewed in third person (or by other players) will probably be a bit off in terms of its rotation and location.

Well, I did say it was a bit buggy, wasn't it?

Anyways, if you've got a savegame from a nice place like Delta Labs, you can have some fun with this. Even the first level is fine - until you do your evac.

Enjoy! And stay tuned to Into Cerberon for more 6DOF goodness.

Tim 'HeXetic' Gokcen
hexetic AT hotmail.com
Team Lead, 'Into Cerberon'
Descent Into Doom³

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