A Place of Malice

You've been requested by Dr. Simon Fujan to be transfered to the deimos enpro plant excavation site, where they seem to be having some troub...


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You've been requested by Dr. Simon Fujan to be transfered to the deimos enpro plant excavation site, where they seem to be having some trouble with the communications in the temple, find out what happened to the team down there and explore the mysteries of the dig site.


~ November 15th 2145 ~ Massive invasion of Mars facilities resulting in a 99.7% death rate among researchers and personnel. It is the worst space disaster in UAC history.

~ May 1st 2146 ~ Signal found coming from Site 1 on Mars.

~ August 8th 2146 ~ New Mars EnPro facility set up, artifact found resulting in second invasion 57% death rate among researchers and personnel. UAC succeeds in stopping invasion and continues research at the EnPro facility.

~ September 8th 2146 ~ EnPro continues to grow and discover new archeological sites. In response the UAC transfers main control of the Mars facility and its resources to the Archeological Division, reducing the number of military personnel by half.

~ June 1st 2147 ~ Discoveries on Mars lead to the discovery of a large temple built into the core of Deimos, Mars’ second largest moon. Initial discovery teams were amazed to find that gravity had been simulated in the temple by use of a large gravity well made in the center of Deimos. Excavation of the new temple, code named Site D, begins.

~ March 9th 2148 ~ Almost 50% of the believed total structure has been excavated, scientist and archeologists, as well as a small military and maintenance crew, are permanently stationed on Deimos and given their own independence outside of Mars EnPro development.

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Download 'temple_sp2.zip' (38.9MB)

* General Details *

Title           : A Place Of Malice
Filename        : Temple_sp2.pk4
Author          : Garth 'Zombie' Hendy
Email Address   : zombie AT planetdoom.com
Website         : http://www.planetdoom.com/zombie

Description     : Doom 3 exp map with a temple theme
version nubmer	: 1

* Instructions *

 1) Extract temple_sp2.pk4 into your doom3/d3xp/ directory
 2) Start DooM 3
 3) Bring down the console and type map temple_sp2 to start the map

* Play Information *

Game Type       : Single Player
Skill levels	: All
new textures 	: Yes
new models	: Yes
new music	: Yes
new sounds	: No

* Story *

You have just been transferred from Mars EnPro to Site D at the request of the head of linguistics 
in UAC archeological division, Dr. Simon Fujan. Upon your arrival at the main surface building constructed you are 
requested to take the surface tram to the temple excavation for immediate dispatch.

* Construction *

Base            : From scratch
Tools used      : DoomEdit, Photoshop, 3D Studio Max
Computer        : Athlon 2400XP, 2048mb ram, 128mb 6600GT
Known Bugs      : None at the moment
Build time      : About 7 months on and off due to work

* Credits *

Blitz for all the work he did with the sound tracks, you rock.
KGB|romi for the excellent wording of the story and pda's.
Friction for his inspiring attitude, which helped drive me to do this map.
sock for this words of wisdom and cunning advice.
Vondur for trying the map once, awesome.
BlackDog, and Blitz for their feedback during development of the theme.
misc guys at splashdamage for answering my questions I had, cheers.
Doom3World for all their content on mapping, excellent stuff.
ID Software for DooM 3.
And anyone else I missed.

* Legal Stuff *

Authors may use this level and or content as a base to build additional
Just make sure you give me an email to say that you are and give credit where needed.

You MAY distribute this map, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

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