A Smashing Good Time

This Doom 3 mod is designed purely for fun. It is not meant to be balanced, or particularly challenging, but it is, hopefully, fun. This m...


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This Doom 3 mod is designed purely for fun. It is not meant to be balanced, or particularly challenging, but it is, hopefully, fun. This mod uses things from a lot of different authors, full credit goes to the original creators for everything that is in this mod. The only new weapon that is actually mine is the machine shotgun.

Check the Readme for the full list of features.

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Download 'smashing.zip' (5.66MB)

A Smashing Good Time Doom 3 Modification

(note to the creators of the stuff that I included in this mod: I did ask you for permission even if you have forgotten.  If you want, I can send you a copy of the email in which you gave me permission.  

To install just Place in a folder called Smashing in your doom 3 directory

Changes in the mod:

Max Health:      800  
Max Armor:       500
Starting Health: 400
Starting Armor:  250
Increased run speed and gave insane amount of ammo capacity.  
(Note: max ammo includes ammo in the clip)
Max Pistol Ammo:          1200
Max Shotgun Ammo:         1280
Max Machinegun Ammo:      4800
Max Chaingun Ammo:        4000
Max Grenades:             150
Max Plasmagun Ammo:       2000
Max Rocket Launcher Ammo: 400
Max BFG Ammo:             400  (not ordinarily possible to actually get)
Max Souls:                15

Yes, I know that this amount of ammo is insane, however, that is the point.
If you don't like it than don't play this mod.  Nobody is forcing you to play it.

Please send all comments along the lines of 'you can carry too much ammo' and
'you have too much health' to f*ckoff AT screwyou.net

Old weapons:

Fists:  Nothing much changed here except for its location in the weapon tree.  It
now has no shortcut key so the only way to select it is the next/prev weapon keys.
I put it here because it is totally useless given the amount of ammo you can carry.  
If you can actually use up all of your ammo than you must really suck at aiming

Pistol:  This is now selected by key 1, where the fists used to be.  This means that
you will wind up using a boosted pistol when beserk, rather than boosted fists. 
Aside from that, the chip size is now 24 and it has a really bright muzzle flash, 
so it lets you light up the area, and see what you are shooting.  It does more damage
than it did before, but since all the monsters have had their health doubled, this
weapon is still not very good, however, it is good against trites, ticks and lost
souls because it has 0 spread, and it has a new minty fresh taste (not really).  
(default hotkey: 1)

Shotgun: 20 pellets each of which does a lot more damage, and a mere 14 degree 
spread are some of the changes to this weapon, the others are a clip size of
32 (but reloads 1 shell at a time, so don't wait too long before reloading or 
you will be in for a long wait), and that it is now in the pistols weapon slot 
(default hotkey: 2)

Machinegun:  240 bullet clip, higher damage per bullet and a greater rate of fire.
same hot key and same reload time, you can carry a lot of ammo for this so it can 
be a very effective weapon.
(default hotkey: 4)

Chaingun:  200 bullet clip, much higher damage per bullet and doubled rate of fire,
I think the muzzle flashes line up with the barrel's rotation, but I can't really tell.
watch out for the ammo consumption, with a doubled rate of fire, you can chew up ammo
very fast, but it's worth it.
(default hotkey: 5)

Grenades:  Still bounce like superballs on crack, do more damage, have a bigger blast
radius (I think) and still really annoying.  This weapon can only be selected by the 
next/prev weapon keys.

Plasma Rifle:  100 bullet clip, super fast rate of fire (watch out for your frame rate
if you have a slow computer), and green extra damaging bolts.  The perfect combination.
(default hotkey: 6)

Rocket Launcher:  The damage done by this weapon is lower than you would expect
compared to the other weapons, but to compensate it has no self damage and a 20 rocket
clip.  Do use this weapon at close and long range.
(default hotkey: 8)

BFG 9000 (Big F*cking Gun, not Bio Force Gun):  This is a really powerful weapon, but
since it is supposed to have an IFF tracker in it, I made it not have any self damage.
Has a 12 cell clip, and you can actually put more than 4 cells in at a time, but try 
not to, as it doesn't actually increase the damage by an extra amount.
(default hotkey: 9)

Chainsaw:  This is really powerful, can kill almost anything in seconds,  It is a damn 
chainsaw after all, designed to cut down really big trees.  The melee range of this
weapon is slightly greater than before, but not so much that it is particularly noticeable.
Do not point at face.
(default hotkey: 10)

Soul cube:
This weapon can now be used 3 times if you fully charge it, before you have to
charge it again.  try not to use it on anything below a revenant, unless you need the health.
(default hotkey: q)

New Weapons:

Machine Shotgun:  This gun has a much faster rate of fire than the shotgun, but it does
a lot less damage, however, the principal point of this weapon is as a better light, since
it has a very bright and very wide light on it.  This light can cause slow downs so dont'
use it on slower computers.  if you have a problem, try turning off shadows, that seems 
to help.  This is the only way to be able to see and shoot at the same time.
(to get enter 'give weapon_machineshotgun' without the quotes into the console, 
default hotkey: 3)

Hellknight fireballs:
These are from NuclearAnthrax's demonic powers mod.  They are only selectable using the
next/prev weapon keys and so are not too useful.  They are there more for novelty than 
anything else, that and so that you can feel like less of a cheater when you want a 
ranged weapon at the beginning of the game, just give yourself the fire balls and blow some shit up.
(to get enter 'give weapon_hellknight' without the quotes into the console)

Plasma shotgun:  This is from saq's Plasma Shotgun mod (duh), and it is not changed much, it 
just has 2 extra projectiles in it's spread, it used up 10 ammo per shot, and thus while it's
clip has 12 shots, that represents 120 cells, you will also notice that the ammo display for 
this weapon reads 12/188 if you have full ammo, this is just the 2000 max cells divided by 10.
There are two points to this weapon, 1.  you can use it to deliver your plasma punch in 
a single blast rather than a stream, and 2.  you can use it to put a shield of plasma infront of you.
It's also useful in the Enpro facility, where you have a lot of lost souls.  This weapon can allow 
you to use only plasma ammo during that entire level, since it is good against lost souls.  The
wide size of the plasma shots + the 10 shots in the spread make it almost like a broom, sweeping
away lost souls instead of cobwebs.  The max I ever got in one shot was 3, see if you can beat
that.  (to get enter 'give weapon_plasmashotgun' without the quotes into the console,
default hotkey: 7)

Other changes:

The entire Guardsentry 2.1 mod has been included in this one.  (yes I have permission)
As has it's entire readme.  The only change has been to the healths and armor of the units.
The sentries has had their healths boosted to 3000 and the marines have had their health
and armor trippled.  Try not to get shot by your own guys.  

All monsters have had their healths doubled, including the bosses, so the cyberdemon is quite tough 
now, however, you can get a lot of health from him with the soul cube if you want to use it.
I say if you want to use it because you can now kill him with any weapon.  For a weird thing to do, try
spawning sentry bots and letting them kill the demon, just dodge his shots and use the soulcube on 
the regular enemies for health.  It's fun.  You will need to keep replenishing them however,
I needed 12 total.  

Good questions and bug submissions can be sent to descentjs AT yahoo DOT com

Feel free to use any of the changes I made in your own mod, but don't use anthing
from anyone else unless their readme gives you permission.

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