Aero Chili Baconlight



This mod is a part of an upcoming mod that is very messed up. The flashlight has been modified to shoot out bacon, simple as that. For the final version, the Aero Chili logo wont look like crap.

Known glitches: - The rocket launcher also seems to shoot out bacon. - Something about "Global flashlight intensity" may appear on some systems.

Any additional bug info should be sent to darkchili DOT tim AT gmail DOT com



Aero Chili Baconlight beta 0.8


Installation and Uninstallation:

If you dont know how to do this, then ask someone who does! Its very damn simple.

My sites:

Forums: s11.invisionfree.com/aerochili

Mod Site: www.aerochili.cjb.net


I would like to thank the guy who made the Rocket Light 1.0 mod cause i used it as a base. I'd ask permission but I didn't care. 

Who made this mod:

Dark chili: Main Designer and Idea guy

Aero Fang: Idea guy

Use Of File:

You may use my idea as long as you email me about what you're using it for and you acknowledge me in the credits of your mod.

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