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After the War is a map/mod set in near-future Earth. It's a MP map and a techdemo showcasing outdoor areas with water. Windows and Linux bi...


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After the War is a map/mod set in near-future Earth. It's a MP map and a techdemo showcasing outdoor areas with water. Windows and Linux binaries are included. 4 players or more recommended; good for team games. See the readme for more information and check the credits, a lot of people made this a lot better than it would be otherwise.


This level is very demanding on the hardware and a DX9-level card (ATI Radeon 9500/nVidia GeForce 5200 or above) is required to see the proper water and all the other special effects. DX9-level cards have been available since August 2002 so come on, join the party. On the other side of the spectrum, and if you have computer power to burn, you can type "r_bloom 1" or "r_bloom 2" at the console to enable light blooms.

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Download '' (54.5MB)

August 2005 - Techdemo and custom MP map for DOOM 3

by Mordenkainen

A dedication to the original After the War game I spent countless hours playing in my youth:^After+the+War$&pub=^Dinamic+Software$

You need to have DOOM 3 v1.3.

1) Install the contents of 'atw10.rar' to your DOOM 3 folder (NOT in the 'base' folder). You should now have a folder called 'ATW10' there.

2) Start DOOM 3 and select 'After the War v1.0' from the mod menu.

	OPTIONAL: Start DOOM 3 with the following parameters (substitute path with your own):
	'D:\Doom3\doom3.exe +set fs_game atw10'

3) The map is available from the Server menu. If you want to walk around in the map in singleplayer type 'map atw1' in the console.

Game Types:	Deathmatch, Team DM, Last Man Standing, Tournament
Editor Used:	DOOMed
Build Time:	29 days

Total Brushes:	4137
Total Entities:	505
Compile Time:	27 seconds (Pentium 4 3.2C)

This work includes elements from different third parties. These elements are under various licenses. Make sure you read all the information in all the files inside the 'credit_readme' folder. For instance, the majority of the custom textures which were created by berneyboy are covered with a license that prohibits CD-ROM or similar physical distribution.

Where my own work is concerned (the map and the textures I created) it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. To view a human-readable summary of the license visit . To view a copy of this license, read the atw_license.txt file or send a letter to Creative Commons, 559 Nathan Abbott Way, Stanford, California 94305, USA.

DOOM is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and/or some other countries.

This level is more of a techdemo showing off water and large outdoor areas in the DOOM 3 engine than an actual map. Despite this I've added MP gameplay functionality. After installing you'll find the following files inside the 'ATW' folder:

Name of this mod with version number.

This file. Surprising, isn't it?

The Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. To view a human-readable summary of the license visit

All the readme files from all the third-party mods/assets included.

The actual mod. Win32 and Linux binaries are included.

Materials, guis, particles, sounds, etc. used by this mod. Where relevant, credit information is present.

All the textures used.

The ATW1 map.


1) The map is slow.

Don't expect to play this map at the same settings as DOOM 3. This map showcases situations the game never had to. Even after removing a lot of detail the map is still a bit too slow for most systems. Despite all my best efforts, water and visportals don't mix so the main optimisation provided by the engine is not possible in the big outdoor area. You may want to try the following CVars in order from smallest to largest performance benefit (and quality degradation), YMMV of course:

'r_useTurboShadow 0'
No discernable quality decrease, very minor speed increase.

'r_useFrustumFarDistance X'
Doesn't draw shadows and entities don't receive light until they are within X distance. I recommend a value of 800 or higher. Over 8fps increase in worst case scenarios.

'r_shadows 0'
Should only be used as a last resort but doesn't look too bad since the level is set outdoors where harsh shadows are not expected. Turning this off will make the level look like something out of a Quake-engine game. Very large speed-up.

2) The water reflections sometimes look wrong.

Inolen and idiom did their best but AFAIK without access to the renderer this is the best that can be done.

3) The map appears brighter in single player compared to multiplayer.

I raise the r_lightScale factor slightly  when the map loads in singleplayer to make it appear a tad brighter because it is set mostly outdoors. Unfortunately this CVar cannot be changed in multiplayer.

People that have made this map better than it would have been or that made it even possible in the first place. In no particular order:

BNA!:		For creating a haven for us DOOM 3 engine junkies long before the game was even out.

bb_matt:	For your insightful comments and tutorials, one texture.

rich_is_bored:	For your excellent tutorials.

binaryc:	For your untiring support of the community.

inolen:		For the fresnel water effects, crate model and textures.

idiom:		For the fresnel water effects and four textures.

Lloyd:		For the water physics and the proper 3D skybox script.

Danteuk:	For merging portal skies with inolen/idiom/Lloyd water mods and some textures.

berneyboy:	For releasing his Photorealistic texture pack and allowing map makers to use it.

Marko Dabrovic:	For additional textures.
		mdabrov AT

gw:		For two textures.
		wrdgrg AT

The following people gave me suggestions on how to improve the map: ART, Blaker, breakerfall, Dismal, =NoMercy=, pbmax, Rich, Sparky and SumDumD00d. Also many thanks to everyone who showed interest in my WiP thread:

Remember, whenever you distribute third-party mods/assets with your work always give credit where credit is due. Support the modding community, you're a part of it.

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