AKDM1 - Mars Outpost



This is my first map for Doom3. Because of this i have kept it fairly simple with few details (i'm still getting used to the way doom3 works from other ID games and its features)

As this is my first doom3 map, stability is not guaranteed.



AKDM1 - Mars Outpost (Doom 3)

	by Alien King

-General Stuff-

Title		Mars Outpost
Filename 	akdm1.pk4
Author		Alien King
Email		alienk AT btopenworld DOT com

Description	A small part of an outpost away from Mars City

-Installation Instuctions-

1. 		Extract the akdm1.pk4 file out of the 
		zip file andplace it in the Doom3/base

2.		Start Doom 3

3.		The Map will be listed with the MP maps
		in the MP menu

-Construction Info-

Base		Original
Used Editor	GTKRadient
Computer	AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Ram		523,632 kb

-Legal Stuff-

Authors may NOT use this level as a base for other levels  

You MAY distribute this map, aslong as you include this
file, without any modifications.

You may use this level to learn from.


If you have any questions or bugs to report to me, then
email me.

alienk AT btopenworld DOT com

Alien King

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