AKDM2 - Hell's Arena



This is my second map for doom 3. This map is not related to akdm1. It is a smallish map consisting of one main room. It is stocked full of weapons, ammo, health and armour. It was designed to recreate the intense action that you got with earlier ID games (such as quake 3 arena). This map was also designed to run with the included mod.

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	by Alien King

|General stuff|

Title		Hell's Arena
File Name	akdm2.pk4 and akdm2_settings.pk4
Author		Alien King
Email		alienk AT btopenworld DOT com

Description	An outdoor arena set in Hell

|Construction Info|

Used Editor	GTKRadient
Computer	AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Ram		523,632 kb
Build time	4 days

|Mod Info|

The mod included with this map, was made for use only with
this map. The mod (akdm2_settings.pk4) gives the player
extra speed, jump hight, much less fall damage and the
ability to rocket jump without self damage. Grenades and
stuff still hurt you. All players start with the
machine-gun to get things going more quickly.
The plasma gun shots travel twice as fast.

|Installation Instructions|

1. 	Create a folder called akdm2_settings in your
	doom3 directory (NOT in the base folder)

2. 	Extract the 2 .pk4 files (akdm2.pk4 and

3. 	Create another in the doom3 directory called akdm2.

4. 	Extract the akdm2.pk4 (NOT the akdm2_settings.pk4)

5. 	Load up the game

6. 	Click on mods

7. 	If you wish to load the map, load up akdm2

8. 	If you wish to load up the map with the mod running
	as well, click on akdm2_settings

9. 	Go to multiplayer

10. 	Click on the map labelled "Hell's Arena"

11. 	Play


I created the mod for the map only, simply because you can't 
run a LAN game with an extra .pk4 file that the other computer
doesn't have. I have not gone mad (i hope).

You can if you wish, extract the akdm2.pk4 file straight into the
base folder.

I myself have loaded all my custom maps into a seperate mod so i
can still run LAN games.

This mod will run with other maps (custom and original), just so
long as you put the custom maps into the akdm2_settings mod folder.

|Legal Stuff|

Authors may NOT use this level and mod as a base for other levels
and mods 

You MAY distribute this map, as long as you include this
file, the mod and without any extra modifications.

The mod may also be freely distributed, just so long as this file
and the map are included without any modifications

If you have any problems, bugs to report, or ideas and suggestions,
my email is

alienk AT btopenworld DOT com

You may use this level to learn from.

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