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This mod is a compilation of a couple of different mods to make subtle changes to Doom 3 for single player. I simply took bits and peices...


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This mod is a compilation of a couple of different mods to make subtle changes to Doom 3 for single player. I simply took bits and peices out of other mods and combined them together (mostly Project Brian V014).

The idea is to add little enhancements that basically should've been in the game to begin with but still keep the Doom3 experience that ID intended.

Both mods that I used gave permission in their respective notes files that their content can be used as long as they are credited. All changes are credited to the original mod they came from. Also see my notes at the end of the readme.


-Increased dynamic lighting for muzzleflashes for all weapons. (Lights up about 10 ft.) (Project Brian)

Shotgun: -Increased the kickback of the shotgun by 5x. The enemies now fly back about 10ft when killed with it. (Project Brian) -Increased the shotgun damage slightly. (Project Brian) -Shotgun loads only one shell at a time as per the reload animation instead of seeing one shell loaded but having 2-at-a-time appear in the gun. Shotgun basically takes twice as long to reload. Done for realism. (Alice)

Machinegun: -Added a small light on the gun. Cannot be turned off. I felt that a futuristic assault rifle would come with some kind of tactical light so I took this directly out of the DuctTape mod. The light has a small beam so it definitely does not replace the flashlight. It just helps you keep track of what you are shooting at. (Duct Tape mod)

Chaingun: -Increased the clip size for the Chaingun from 60 to 200. (Project Brian) Quote: "60 just didn't seem to justify a "chain"."

Grenades: -Halved the bounciness of the grenades so they don't act like a "superfunball." (Project Brian)

BFG: -explosion now has dynamic lighting that would brighten up a warehouse as it should. (Before it didn't brighten at all.) (Project Brian).

Plasmagun: -Added a blue aura eminating from the Plasma Rifle extending about 5ft. (Project Brian)

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Download '' (39KB)

Alice's Doom Enhancements v.02

This mod has been tested and will work with:

Doom 3  versions 1.0 - 1.3
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil all versions

NOTE: REMOVE THIS MOD BEFORE ATTEMPTING TO PLAY MULTIPLAYER. You will be unable to join servers if you still have the mod in your Doom 3\base\ directory.


Place pak088.pk4 in your Doom 3\base directory.

Delete pak088.pk4 from your Doom 3\base directory.

To get the full effect of the mod go to Doom 3\base directory and open up your DoomConfig.cfg file with notepad.   Find the commands

seta g_projectileLights

seta g_muzzleFlash

Make sure the number in quotes after each is set to '1'

To see if the mod is working load up a savegame after installing. Pull out the shotgun and see if it loads one round at a time, and see if it has muzzle flash or pull out the plasma gun to see if it has the glow around it.  


Credit goes to: 
The Project Brian mod v014 and
Glen Murphy's Duct Tape mod v0005
Both can be found at

Also, for more info see 'How To Safely Alter Original Doom 3 Content'



-Most of these changes are very subtle or just cosmetic so it should not upset the balance of a regular single player game. 

-The shotgun loads slower, yes, but now the load rate matches the loading animation and makes it more realistic.  It also gives you a more frantic feeling as you have to stuff shells in the gun more often. A bit of an adrenaline rush. Also the slightly-upped power of the gun plus the increased kickback against creatures balance this out. 

-The chaingun ammo is the only thing that significantly changes gameplay. The 'ammo belts' still only give you 60 rounds but if you pick up a new chaingun (including the ones dropped by commandos) it will have 200 rounds in it.  This means that throughout the game you will have a lot more chaingun ammo than you would with unmodded doom3. This may be slightly unbalancing in single player but the chaingun is more fun to use with 200 round belts. With 60 rounds it was basically just a more powerful version of the machinegun.

-Grenades with less bounce should've been part of Doom3 from the beginning. 

-The machinegun light makes the gun more useful and unique when compared to the chaingun.  They now seem like 2 very different weapons.

-I can't really tell if the BFG explosion is bright like it should be even with seta g_projectilelights enabled. But it may be because my settings are low. Fire off the BFG and see for yourself if the explosion lights up or not. 

-The glow around the plasma gun looks awesome and should've been in the game from the beginning. You can use it to light your way in small spaces but it isn't a lantern or anything. Just a cool effect.

-If you want a mod that includes most of the changes here plus a whole bunch more, try out the Project Brian v.014 mod. It changes Doom 3 too much for my taste but I liked a lot of them, so I did a pick-and-choose of my favorites and made this mod.

LEGAL: The creators of the original content of this mod gave their permission for its use in whatever fashion as long as they are credited.
This compilation is under the same standard. Use it however you wish as long as you give credit where it is due, namely, The Project Brian mod and Glen Murphy. 

world_on_fire AT hotmail DOT com

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