AlleyWay is a Doom 3 level created primarily as a multiplayer map.


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AlleyWay is a Doom 3 level created primarily as a multiplayer map.

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Download '' (65.87MB)

Bryce Wilson Doom 3 MOD AlleyWay

The level was created solely by Bryce of innovative animation;  All creatures and some used props are copywite Doom3 creators and their respective affiliates.

All content is copywrite, Bryce Wilson distribution must clearly state my name and URL accomplanying the level mod.  No privledge is given to modify, publish, or alter the contents of this mod unless expressed written consent is given prior.  This is not consent for free distribution or otherwise only notice that posting my mod for others to view and download to play.  Posting this mod for any other reason than to distribute it as a mod created by myself is not permitted.

My site is temporarily

bryce_wilson AT hotmail DOT com


1.  unzip the downloaded file.
2.  Place the AlleyWay.pk4 in the base directory of Doom3 (i.e. D:\Program Files\Doom3\base)
3.  Unzip all of the files named (i.e., AlleyWaysp.proc. etc.) in the the maps folder within the zip file
4.  Place them into a folder called AlleyWay in the Doom 3> base> maps folder
3.  Launch Doom3

To play the game in single player mode : 

1.  Bring up the console by pressing CNTRL + ALT  + ~
2.  Type map alleyway/alleywaysp
	NOTE : You can also bring up the multiplayer version by typing in alleywaymp instead

To play a multiplayer game online

1.  Make sure anyone you are trying to play with also has the mod properly installed
2.  One person can setup a dedicated server by selecting that option in the MULTIPLAYER screen
3.  Follow the instructions by simply seting up your prefered options for the game (6-8 players prefered)
4.  Everyone else can just search for your game setup join and play

questions, comments
Bryce AT

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