Allied Marine Squadmates



When looking for a little back-up in an un-forgiving world... "=AMS= United Forces" reports for duty!

To round off his recent submissions, we once again welcome Murph to the stage to present to you, the Doom community, his newest unofficial version of the popular mod: Allied Marine Squadmates! This update is based on the Allied Marine Squadmates (0.31A), originally developed by Altroth Akenzie.

Allied Marine Squadmates (v.7.1.ufo) (ufo stands for United Forces: Official) is a one of a kind "Special Edition AMS" mod offering! After much work done by Murph, you'll find that this new mod build is heavy with some awesome upgrades! "=AMS= v.7.1.ufo" combines the talent and skill of some premier Doom3 modders who lent their support and contributions to this latest =AMS= effort! After the well received =AMS= v.6uu and v.7.1.ufo debuted with some needed upgrades to "=AMS= v.5"... many "Doom3" fans wrote in with more suggestions to implement; Aiming to please the =AMS= fans, the developer went back to work on the new mod upgrade!

Some of the features of this Mod include:

  • Almost 200 unique spawn-ins available
  • 'AMS v.7.ufo' gives you plenty of spawn-in options to choose from
  • "Allied Marine Squadmates"
    • The "=AMS= Classic Marines" by "Altroth AkenzieSize"
  • "Hybrid Elite: Team"
    • The "Re-Claimed" Marines with a New Soul-Cube Gun
  • Recon Zulu: Team
    • The "Chronicles" Marines by "Nivelex" & "DC" Team
  • Bravo Team
    • The "Melee Warriors" sporting Flashlight Batons
  • Rescued Followers
    • The "Doom3 Cast" as Interactive NPC's made to Follow
  • Cinematic Hero
    • "Doomguy" in a Teleportation & Patrol Novelety Piece
  • "=UAC= BFG Campbell"
    • "Campbell" with a BFG working off the New "Tinman" script
  • "Fire Team 2"
    • "Tinman" styled Marines with a New Trial Phaser Gun
  • "Fire Team 4"
    • The "Melee Warriors" wearing regulation "Soldier" uniforms
  • =MPS= Marines
    • The "Melee Warriors" as "Multi-Player Soldiers" from on-line
  • Zombie Z-Squad
    • An elite "Infantry Squad" gone bad provided by Dafama2K7
  • Bernie the Demon
    • "Bernie" makes fire with newly acquired "Archvile" powers
  • Skeleton Zombies
    • These 3 New "Skeletons" are ready to rattle your bones tonight
  • =UAC= Sentry Robot
    • Two reprogrammed Sentry Robots made to follow and attack by ReKTeK
  • =UAC= Hazmat: Dr.Michaels
    • 7 "Melee Warriors"
    • 1 "Rescued Follower"
    • 4 "Zombies" as Hazmat
To make this new extended mod offering quite unique, I enlisted the help of some modders who are well known in the "Doom3 Community" for their skills and talents! ... A good thing just got better! "=AMS= v.7.ufo"

Some of the changes in this version include: Fixed the "Skeleton Zombies" spawn-in codes Typo-Bug. Fixed the code error "debugweapon.script" Bug. Fixed the "No Animation / Crash to Main Menu" Bug. =UAC= BFG Campbell" from version 1.1. to version 1.2. =AMS= "=UAC= BFG Doomguy" & updated "Doomguy" to version 1.2. When looking for a little back-up in an un-forgiving world... "=AMS= United Forces" reports for duty!

Refer to the readme for a whole plethora of information.




"Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo" 

 Date:  8/17/08 
 Game:  DOOM3
 Version: v.7.1.ufo  
 Developer: Murph
 Single Player: Yes
 Revision: =AMS= v.7.1.ufo

 =AMS= "United Forces: Official" 
 by Murph at [email protected]  
 =AMS= Original Author: Altroth AkenzieSize
 Project Contributor: Murph
 Project Contributor: Dafama2k7
 Project Contributor: Jarad "Tinman" Hansen  
 Project Contributor: Nivelxe & "DC Dev Team"
 Project Contributor: Michael "ReKTeK" Knight 

 Previous Revision: =AMS= v.6uu & v.7.ufo
 Original Versions: =AMS= v.31A & v.5  

 All Authors Original Read-me's are included 
 inside this mod in the "Old Read-me" Folder.




"With all Major Bugs Fixed ... Extra Features ... and New Marine Styles Added!" 
"Squadmates are Back with a Vengence! ... Locked, Loaded and Ready for Action!"

Squadmate Update: Prepare for "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo" .."United Forces: Official"

* =AMS= v.7.ufo is now updated to =AMS= v.7.1.ufo and includes 3 New "Bug" repairs as
well as "=UAC= BFG Doomguy", a NEW BFG Buddy with an earlier phase 1 "proto-type" BFG!

I am very proud to present... "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo".."United Forces: Official". This is a one of a kind "Special Edition AMS" mod offering! After much work you'll find that this new mod build is heavy with some awesome upgrades!"=AMS= v.7.1.ufo" combines the talent and skill of some premier "Doom3"  modders who lent their support and contributions to this latest =AMS= effort! After the well received "=AMS= v.6uu" debuted with some needed upgrades to "=AMS= v.5"... many "Doom3" fans wrote in with more suggestions to implement. Aiming to please =AMS= fans, I went back to work on the new mod upgrade! To make this new extended mod
offering quite unique, I enlisted the help of some modders who are well known in the "Doom3 Community" for their skills and talents! ... A good thing just got better!... "=AMS= v.7.1.ufo" 

"=AMS= Spawn World"

With almost 200 unique spawn-ins available...

"AMS v.7.1.ufo" gives you plenty of spawn-in options to choose from!             
* Some of the spawn-in features to look forward too! *
1. "Allied Marine Squadmates" : The "=AMS= Classic Marines" by "Altroth AkenzieSize!"

2. "Hybrid Elite: Team" : The "Re-Claimed" Marines with a New Soul-Cube Gun!

3. "Recon Zulu: Team" : The "Chronicles" Marines by "Nivelex" & "DC" Team!         
4. "Bravo Team" : The "Melee Warriors" sporting Flashlight Batons!  

5. "Rescued Followers" : The "Doom3 Cast" as Interactive NPC's made to Follow!
6. "Cinematic Hero" : "Doomguy" in a Teleportation & Patrol Novelety Piece!

7. "=UAC= BFG Campbell" : "Campbell" with a BFG working off the New "Tinman" script! 

8. "=UAC= BFG Doomguy" :  "Doomguy" with an earlier phase 1 "proto-type" BFG! 

9.  "Fire Team 2" :  "Tinman" styled Marines with a New Trial Phaser Gun!
10. "Fire Team 4" : The "Melee Warriors" wearing regulation "Soldier" uniforms!
11. "=MPS= Marines" : The "Melee Warriors" as "Multi-Player Soldiers" from on-line!

12. "Zombie Z-Squad" :  An elite "Infantry Squad" gone bad provided by "Dafama2k7!"

13. "Bernie the Demon" :  "Bernie" makes fire with newly acquired "Archvile" powers!

14. "Skeleton Zombies" :  3 New "Skeletons" are ready to rattle your bones tonight!

15. "=UAC= Sentry Robot" :  2 Sentry Robots made to follow and attack by "ReKTeK!"

16. "=UAC= Hazmat: Dr.Michaels" : 7 "Melee Warriors" * 2 "Rescued Follower" * 4 "Zombies" as Hazmat!  
When looking for a little back-up in an un-forgiving world... "=AMS= United Forces" reports for duty!


: Please Note :

1.  =AMS= spawn-in codes are located in the "=AMS= Spawn-In Guide".

2.  Monster spawn-in codes are located in "Monster Spawn-In Guide".

3.  Included for referral is "=AMS= v.6.uu Readme". This old Readme does contain some prior info still relevant to this new mod ver.

4.  =AMS= v.7.ufo is updated to =AMS= v.7.1.ufo including 2 New Fixes.   


 I am very proud to present... "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo".."United Forces: Official".  This is a one of a kind "Special Edition AMS" mod offering! After much work, you'll find that this new mod build is heavy with some awesome upgrades! =AMS= v.7.1.ufo" combines the talent and skill of some premier "Doom3"  modders who lent their support and contributions to this latest =AMS= effort! =AMS= Classic Marines are on hand along with some special additions to the =AMS= family!

After the well received "AMS v.6uu" debuted with upgrades to "AMS v.5", "Doom3" fans wrote in with more suggestions to implement as well as bugs to fix!..Aiming to please
=AMS= fans, I went back to work on the new mod upgrade! To make this extended mod offering really unique I enlisted the help of some well known modders! A good thing just got better!... "AMS v.7.1.ufo"                   
"Doom Chronicles" Marines as "Recon Zulu" Team and "=UAC= Marine" Support :
The "Doom Chronicles" Marines by "Nivelxe" and his "Doom Chronicles Dev Team" have joined =AMS= for a special appearance with their awesome Marine models and skins! In this release, acting as "Doom3" own team "Recon Zulu", the "Doom Chronicles" Marines have been converted to fit smoothly into the "Squadmates" format by me! They really fit the bill for those =AMS= fans who wanted their "Squadmates" wearing the marine soldier uniforms instead of the black "Z-Sec" styled uniforms! Nobody offers a higher quality, fully functional marine soldier skin than the "DC TEAM" skin being offered right here and I'm thrilled to have it! .. There are 4 "helmeted" Marine's of the "Recon Zulu" team who are named in honor after some of the "Dev Team" members!
I added in a custom squad voice to end most battles that states... "Echo 1.This is Recon Zulu!" Off of this "Recon Zulu" team build I decided to add a little extra offering for those who like to use the main characters!

Acting as "=UAC= Marine" Support, you have "Sarge" available with a plasmagun ready for action stating "Excellent work marine!" and "Campbell" who states " Right! Whatever you say Counsler!".. "Player", aka "Doomguy", is also available and his statement is joined to your responce to him. "This place looks like hell!" he says..."Move in and take positions!" is your automatic return responce back to "Player". Just for fun, I gave "Bravo Team" leader "Sam Lane" a little double
-duty role and a spot on "=UAC= Marine" Support. Hey, there's only so many heads to go around, so some one has to work a double shift!... After suffering the horrible zombification process, this assignment is a cake walk for the once "Bravo Team" leader now in new gear!  
Not only does "AMS v.7.1.ufo" contain some great upgrades, like the "Rescued Followers" or a fun novelty piece I call "Cinematic Hero", a special appearrance from the "TinMan Squad" author is on hand! When it comes to "Doom3" scripting, no one does it better than Jarad "TinMan" Hansen and he has honored me with his newest script "TinMan Alpha 3x"!.. Originally, I had intentions of using this new script in making another "Doom3" team named "Fire Team2" and went so far as to build them but later I decided to use this script for another purpose instead. I put this new script to work in handling the animations of my "BFG Buddy"... "=UAC= BFG Campbell!"

"=UAC= BFG Campbell" :

I am very proud to present "=UAC= BFG Campbell". He is surely one of a kind and is my latest creation! "=UAC= BFG Campbell" is "Doom3" own model brought to life by combining some of the offerings of the developers mentioned above...."=UAC= BFG Campbell" is a spawn-in "Follower" Marine who comes "Alert Ready!" and eager to fire the BFG... KABOOM!!!... Enemy?... What enemy?
All the Marines enter the area through the fiery "=UAC= Teleportation Portal System", however, "=UAC= BFG Campbell" has the special added ability of "Fully Automatic Teleportation". He is the only Marine to be issued a fully operational mobile "TPS". He is included here and being offered as a stand alone mod as well. However, to avoid any confusion with install, "=UAC= BFG Campbell" will only be offered in one version here! "BFG Campbell-NPC Safe" is the version included here 
as opposed to another version I made labeled "BFG Campbell-Kills NPC". "=UAC= BFG Campbell" is quite a mod in his own right and I have included his seperate "Readme" file along with this mod if you care to learn more about using him!"BFG Campbell-NPC Safe" has been updated to ver.1.2! 

"=UAC= BFG Doomguy" :

While back in this mod to correct some "bugs", I thought I'd build my "BFG Buddy" a "BFG Buddy"! 

"=UAC= BFG Doomguy" is the main hero character with an earlier phase 1 "proto-type" BFG! He is the only other guy besides "Campbell" to actually get his hands on a BFG in "Doom3", unless you count "Sarge" before his "Saboath" transformation! 

"=UAC= BFG Doomguy's" earlier phase 1 "proto-type" BFG differs from "Campbell's" BFG in the type of BFG projectile shot. The earlier "proto-type" BFG worked off of 2 super-charged "plasma cell" rounds fired off simultaneously to accomplish, less effectively, what the newer BFG does on only 1 fired round! Both styles of BFG were produced by the "=UAC= Science Dept." and are considered "high energy projectile weapons". The "proto-type" BFG produces a less theatrical explosion than the newer BFG, but certainly gets the job done with flare and it's still a "BIG F***ing Gun"!

"=UAC= BFG Doomguy" will only be offered in one version style which is "BFG Doomguy-NPC Safe". 

"Fire Team2" Marines :

In using the "TinMan" script to operate "=UAC= BFG Campbell", I was forced to alter which script would handle "Fire Team2". Like I said, they were originally "TinMan Squad" soldiers, but now with the =AMS= script change, they are a hybrid mix. They look and sound like the "TinMan Squad" and after adding in the helpful scripting contributions to the =AMS= script by "DaFama2k7", they even act more like the
"TinMan Squad" than ever before! In honor of my project contributors I did
name two "Fire Team2" Marines after them. "Fire Team2: Hansen" and "Fire Team2: Fabrega" report for duty..."Fire Team2: Fabrega" carries a "converted" plasmagun and I built two new "Fire Team2"  members who each sport a new weapon as well!

"Fire Team2: Spock" reports for duty with a newly issued "Soul-Cube Gun" a weapon first delivered to the "Hybrid Elite: Team" and "Fire Team2: Kirk" reports for duty with a newly issued "Phaser".  Uhmmm... Did you say Spock?... Kirk?... Phaser? ... lol!!!... Why not??? ... I ran outta names!!!

Produced by "UAC Engineering Dept." The experimental "Phaser" is a brand new weapon. Only one has been issued thus far and it is "Fire Team2: Kirk's" job to see if it is fully operational and field ready! Your "Fire Team2" does come with "Door Ghosting" abilities and "Short Range Teleportation"! 

"Fire Team 4" Marines and "=MPS= Marines": 

"Fire Team 4" and "=MPS= Marines" are very similar in the fact that they are both "Melee Warriors". These guys suffered a similar fate as "Bravo Team" and now give you more spawn-in melee action!!! Both offer their own unique qualities."=MPS= Marines" are the "Multi-Player Squad" brought to life outside of the on-line experience! They work off of the "Bravo Team" script and definately add some color to the game! "Fire Team 4" sports the "Melee Warriors" in standard soldier uniform that are complete with helmet and some well known non-helmeted faces as well! I felt "Fire Team4: Ving"  and "Fire Team4: Webb" were under utilized as just "Rescued Followers" and gave them double-duty as "Fire Team4" members!
There's also other offerings for "Fire Team4" as "Sarge", "Campbell" or the hero "Player" as well!  These soldiers also work off of the "Bravo Team" script. "Fire Team 4" does include a flashlight soldier as well as a wrench carrying soldier to smack heads if need be! I added in a custom squad voice that states "This is Fire Team 4...We are attempting to secure the area!" 

"=UAC= Hazmat: Dr.Michaels"

This yet another character who really is involved in the "Doom3" story-line! Most NPC characters I have built for spawn-in do mirror an in-game entity in name and likeness! "Dr.Michaels" is not any different and can be found in "Delta Labs Level 2B" busy at work dissecting an "Imp"... He hopes to find some kind of weakness that can be exploited in defeating these horrible abominations from Hell!

There are eight styles of Hazmat "Followers" available to use and four styles of Hazmat "Zombies". "Dr.Michaels" can be spawned-in as a "Resuced Follower" holding the Flashlight Baton or as one of the "Melee Warrior" offerings. As a "Melee Warrior" the good doctor, gives you a choice of a hands free model or holding the Flashlight Baton up high against his chest or down low at his side! "Doc"  can be spawned in holding the hefty Monkey Wrench or he can be spawned-in battered and bloodied as well. As a "Resuced Follower", I have tweaked "Doc" so his eyes do "blink" while inside the Hazmat  helmet. It does add a little more realism to the character and this trait was also used on the three battered "Dr.Michaels" offerings as well. You will notice his face plate is smashed and he has blood on his forehead. Yup!.. He does look quite bad, but compared to the "Zombie" version, he looks good!
The three versions of the battered "Dr.Michaels" and the "Zombie" versions are gibbable upon death!    

Much work went into "Dr.Michaels" to make him functional. His model, as well as a few others, are nothing more than "hollow" ghosts! Building them and working off of the "Bravo Team" script or the "Resuced Follower" script once again enables you to make the most out of your "Doom3" experience!

"Rescued Followers" :

"Rescued Followers" are the "Doom3 Cast" members made into interactive Followers! These NPC's were never intended to be doing what I got them doing! To actually make some of the them available for spawn-in as physical entities and interactive Followers really took some doing and some very custom alterations! These seldom seen NPC's have now been "Rescued" from a life of momentary appearances in "Doom3" to "On Demand!" special guests by you!.. Talk about making the most out of your "Doom3" game!

"Rescued Followers" are pretty much what the name implies in more ways than one!... "Thank God!" you came along to save the day, as these NPC's are completely helpless on their own! Let's just say that when "All Hell Broke Loose!" these guys were caught off guard without weapons or ammo! They are willing to provide you company as you lead them to safety or to stay put if you do command so! A voice 
command from you to them states "Move in!" or "Pull back!" as needed... When an enemy does arrive, they do their best to help out by getting in the enemies face and do succede in slowing down an on coming attack a bit, enough time for you to gather yourself and jump into action!

Some of the "Rescued Followers" were built from noteable "standard" issue game characters who were well developed with dialogue and gestures... Others were built from "standard" game characters who were non-talking entities or "Ghosts" and didn't really have much to offer in entertainment value.

I have included most of the "standard" characters spawn codes along with the "Rescued Followers". Even though the "standard" issue game characters won't follow you around due to how they have been built, they are fun to talk to as they will have about 2 to 4 different responces or gestures worth checking out! Some of the "standard" issue game characters have been tweaked or upgraded by me to "speak" their scripted lines when spoken to, making them a little more fun or interesting!

I first built the "Rescued Followers" using the "human_marine_machinegun" def.file in their make-up. Later on, I made my own "npc_follower_base" def.file and tried this out as well. Spawning both styles in side by side proved to show noticeable differences in basically the same character! For most, the new def.file was an upgrade, as it takes advantage of the character's natural animation!.. For others 
however, it was a bit of a downgrade in their "Idle" mannerism as opposed to the original def.file! I decided to keep both files on hand and they are ready to operate the "Rescued Followers" for you! 

All "Rescued Followers" are not gibbable, but the "Standard" issue characters are gibbable! This way you can spawn in the "Standard" issue characters and see what they were like or had to say. Once done, you could get rid of them and replace them with the "Follower" versions. Most of the "standard" issue characters would fall apart and disappear with one swat of your Flashlight Baton!  However, now  that I gave them their proper name tags, you can't use the Flashlight Baton to easily
dismiss them any longer and will now have to shoot them instead! Obviously you don't have to spawn in the "Standard" issue characters at all, but this fun choice is always there if you please!

Some may argue, "Why spawn them in if they can't kill enemies?" and my answer is this... "How many spawned-in bonifide killers do you really need at any one time?" At some point, too many is too many! This fun option allows you to spawn-in another friendly follower who doesn't take the kill process out of your hands completely! To see a helpless follower in the middle of your assorted team does give a  sense of realism and purpose as you all strive to survive! They may not be your first spawn-in choice but are there for you if you want!... The "Rescued Followers" do come with "Short Range Teleportation" "Door Ghosting" abilities and are well worth checking out! 

"=UAC= Sentry Robot"  

These are 2 reprogrammed "Sentry Robots" made to follow and attack by "ReKTeK!" This was one of my favorite mods back in the day... and I do mean back in the day! This mod came out August 2004 and is 4 years old now! However, despite it's age, still works like brand new! I know there are similar mods to this one out there with upgrades and so on, but this one never gave me any trouble what-so-ever and
"dependability" is important to me!... One "Sentry Robot" comes with light ON and the other comes with light OFF. Both are the standard machingun robots using the original standard sounds. They will follow you anywhere the game will allow, as there are some "ai" dead-zones when it comes to using these guys.

Please don't confuse these "ROBOTS" with the =AMS= Classic Marine "Sentry Guards" who are "HUMAN". In the past, some people have been confused with these two styles of "Sentry Guards". Remember, a "Sentry" by definition, is a soldier standing guard at a point of passage, such as a gate! Even though that is exactly what the original author intended the =AMS= Classic Marine "Sentry Guards" to be, he probably should have named them a little differently to avoid any confusion with the already established robots!

One interesting note to be made on using these "Sentry Robots" is how persistent they are to find you, once you are seperated from them! For example, if I climbed a ladder and ventured away from them at all sooner or later, they would find me again even if it was clear across the level! I was always surprised after time had passed, to see them turn up again and always gotta kick outta that! Spawn Code's below! 

spawn char_sentry               or    bind "x" spawn char_sentry
spawn char_sentry_flashlight    or    bind "x" spawn char_sentry_flashlight      
This mod is distributed here, untouched by me, in it's original state. Michael "ReKTeK" Knight's info and original "Readme" can be found in my "Old Readme's & Notes" folder. At 3kb, the one mod file is very small. I have included it already built-in and on it's own, with-in this mod. The mod is labled "uac_sentry". Authors may use this modification as a base to build and learn. You MAY distribute this mod, provided you include "ReKTeK's Readme" with no modifications to it. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as well, as long as you include "ReKTeK's Readme"  once again, intact, with no modifications to it... I would like to say "Thankyou ReKTeK" as well!

"Cinematic Hero" : 
This is a novelty piece at best, but it does show how much work went into squeezing the most fun or entertainment out of your "Doom3" game! I made available to you, whenever you want, the main "Hero" character cinematic movie clip. It is now available for spawn-in to your game "On Demand!" I have reworked these movie files of the "Hero", also known as "Doomguy", teleporting in, doing a short patrol and then end it by teleporting out again! He's wearing the signature "Green Marine" uniform which is found on the back of the "Doom3" game box and is also carrying the shotgun! Just make sure you spawn him into an area where there is plenty of room! He will initially arrive against a back wall, then march out and about for like 20 game feet or so before teleporting back out again! WARNING: Spawn  him in too close of quarters and he'll ghost through the walls and out of view, so give him space! 
"Hybrid Elite: Team":

The "Re-Claimed Marines" make up the "Hybrid Elite: Team"! ... We have Kane, Voss, Strauss and Rutger reporting for duty,! Names look a bit familiar?... Well they should...In a nod to "Stroggified Kane" from "Quake4", an experimental syrum shot known as the "Re-Claimer" has salvaged these very fortunate Marines! The shot must be administered as early as possible before the horrible affects, caused by the
notorious "UAC Science Dept." become permanent, not only losing your mind, but your soul as well!... The only upside to the horrible affects you have been expieriencing is the super human strength fused into your very being! Along with your Squadmates, it's about time for a little pay back! The members of the "Hybrid Elite: Team" do come with "Door Ghosting" abilities and "Short Range Teleportation"! 

   1. Kane    =  Machinegun         
   2. Voss    =  Plasmagun 
   3. Strauss =  Shotgun  
   4. Rutger  =  SoulCube-Gun
   5. Sasaki  = Plasmagun      *New Addition
   6. Rutger2 = SoulCube-Gun   *New Alternate

"Hybrid Elite: Team" with Helmets On or with Helmets Off! Your choice as to how you want your Marines to look!... Just type in the included Spawn-in Console Commands found below!          

         The SoulCube-Gun:

         The SoulCube is an extremely powerful weapon! Handling the SoulCube is 
         also an extremely dangerous propositon! Not catching it correctly ends
         your life period! On the premise that the SoulCube is a dangerous weapon
         and handling it properly requires hours of extensive training... a much
         needed solution has been formulated... The SoulCube-Gun! This ultra new
         weapon takes the fear out of using the SoulCube and safe-guards the user.
         The SoulCube always homes in on the gun for proper retrieval and safety!
         Wow!!..What will they think of next?...

*Hybrid Note 1: "Hybrid Elite: Sasaki - Sentry Guard": 

Included with-in v.6uu mod pak was another Marine not activated. "Hybrid Elite: Sentry" Machinegun 500 Health + 500 Armor. I built him early on and decided to implement only the "Follower" Marines.  With "Revision v.7.1.ufo " I decided to "activate" this dormant marine for spawn-in "Follower" duty! 

5. "=Hybrid Elite= Sasaki" = Plasmagun ... Yup! Kodiak Squad"s Technician Specialist from "Quake4".

*Hybrid Note 2: "Hybrid Elite: Rutger": ALTERNATE "Rutger" HEAD OFFERING !

Type "human_marine_sentryguy_alternate" to spawn in a different looking "Rutger". Some people really did not like using "Swann's" head on their "Hybrid Elite: Team". This head is the generic bald guy head and should appease those who detest using "Swann" out of character! Whew! Sorry Swann ol' boy! 

6. "=Hybrid Elite= Rutger2" = SoulCube-Gun   *New Alternate

"Bravo Team":      
Bravo Team equals spawn-in "Melee" capable marines who are followers or ready for combat once they are activated. They work off of a talk switch to be either in "Follow" mode or "Wait" mode whenever they are "Talked" to and they will follow you any where the game will allow! The updated "Bravo Team" has been tweaked by "Dafama2k7" to "Kick Obstacles" out of their way and a suggested "Health Cap" tops out at "500 Health & "500 Armor". I changed the voice command, "Bravo Team... Move in and take positions!" to the more universal voice command "Move in and take positions!" I also added in a new built-in voice command as well. "Attack Now!" will now be heard as they move in on any enemy spotted ! 

In the older version =AMS= v.6uu, if a monster showed up, you would need to tell your "Follower" to go "attack" or they would just hang out and  watch you get a beating! My original intention was that if you wanted to leave your "Follower" in "Follow" mode you could handle the enemy or monster for yourself and your "Bravo Team Follower" would not interfere during the battle! If you "decided" to let him handle the monster, you could tell him to "attack" while providing cover fire or you could handle a different enemy at the same time! "Battle Control" was the idea here, but maybe this was not to everyones tastes!      

In this new =AMS= v.7.1.ufo version, "Bravo Team" will attack in either mode on their own, just like the other spawn-in "Followers". There is no need to tell them to attack any longer. I think most people will like this version better, however, there may be some people who prefer the older version to the new one! If you are one of those people... you could always copy "Bravo Team" script "ai_human_marine_elite" from the =AMS= v.6uu mod, swap it in place of the new "Bravo Team" script version, and re-pack the file.

As a matter of fact, as I write this, I had the idea to save you some trouble and have packed the old =AMS= v.6uu "Bravo Team" script "ai_human_marine_elite" inside this mod pak. I have updated it with the added built-in voice  command "Attack Now!" once in "Combat" mode and "Kick Obstacles" upgrade as well! The "Unlimited Health Cap" is still in effect here and you can still call the shots if you want to! Use
this altered script file to get a mix of "Old" and "New" options when using the "Melee Warriors". I know you can't make everyone happy, but I can try!.. Look in the "Old Readme's & Notes" if you want to use it. It can also be found with-in the pak. file itself under "storage" with all other Read-me's and documents.
Other than these minor changes, I didn't spend too much time on the "Bravo Team" script in this new ver. release, as my attention was else where with-in the mod, but once again, most should be pleased with it!  
                          Bravo Team Survivors! - Story Line:            
       After the ill-fated raid on Enpro Plant, initial reports had all the brave
       marines of "Bravo Team" down as lost! This certainly would have been true
       if not for the fast action taken by Dr.Rogers and Master Mechanic Sinclair.
       Fortunatley for four lucky marines, Dr.Rogers and Sinclair were working on
       the Oxygen Siphons close by when the fierce battle broke out! These marines
       were blown unconscience and left for dead by the ambushing Imps. Dr.Rogers
       and Sinclair dragged the unconscience marines to a nearby supply room in 
       Storage Hall and barricaded themselves in! Dr.Rogers injected all the men
       with some type of shot which was suppose to make them stronger, but by the
       time a marine from "Fire Team 2" rescued them, the zombification process
       had taken root. The "Re-Claimer" syrum shot was administered and salvaged
       these six men, but not before some zombie damage, as well as super human
       strength had set in. Armed with only Flashlight Batons from the supply room
       and Sinclairs hefty Monkey Wrench, the "Bravo Team" is ready to follow your
       lead back to safety. Dr.Rogers does not carry a weapon, so he claims, but
       some of the men don't trust him as they caught a glimpse of a Pistol hidden
       under his coat! Strange! What is he really up to? Can he be trusted? This is
       not the time nor the place to test the "Good Doctor" however, as he can still
       handle himself surprisingly well and all hands on deck are a must if they are 
       to survive!.. All "Bravo Team" character names and settings are from "Doom3".
1. Team Leader: Sam Lane            

2. =UAC= Marine: K.Miller           
3. =UAC= Marine: M.Marak            

4. =UAC= Marine: S.Holmes

5. =UAC= Mechanic: Ian Sinclair

6. =UAC= Medic: Dr.Pierce M. Rogers 

                           : Bravo Team - Melee Warriors :

         ..I wanted to offer something a little different to the "Doom3" community. 
         Something that was unique, as far as the spawn-in marines go! I felt that
         there was a lot of potential with the under utilized flashlight and wrench
         zombies to add a new twist to an old game!
Bravo Team are spawn-in "Melee" capable marines who are followers or ready for
combat once they are activated. They work off of a talk switch to either be in
"Follow" mode or "Wait" mode whenever they are "Talked" to... They will follow 
you any where the game will allow and actually make better followers, at times
than the other marines. Even though they are a little slow,they apparently have
the extra ability to work their way out of uneven flooring situations that the
other marines would get stuck in and can't over-come. If a monster shows up you
won't need to tell them to attack! This new =AMS= v.7.1.ufo version has'em ready
to attack on their own now! These marines were built strong with 500 health and
500 armor. They will use the heavy flashlight baton to smack the crap outta most
Imps or Pinky's and I have added a "CLANG" sound when they do hit something with
the flashlight! They are repairable by you when you "Talk" to them!

Bravo Team originally had unlimited Health capabilities, but have now been capped
at a value of 500 Health!.. They do make a good line of defense and will keep the
advancing enemies at bay as you provide cover fire when possible! A voice command
from you to them to "Follow" shouts loudly "Move in and take positions!" which is 
slightly different from the original voice command I made for them. This one is a
little more generic to handle the other "Melee" teams as well! They will talk on 
their own and yell out different battle chatter per man while fighting any enemy!
I added a built-in voice command "Attack Now!" will now be heard as they move in 
on any enemy as well!

Master Mechanic Sinclair and Medic Dr.Rogers are two other characters built in
the same manner, following the outline of the Bravo Team above! Master Mechanic
Sinclair carries the hefty monkey wrench around and knows how to use it quite
well! Dr.Rogers does not carry a weapon, so he claims, but can still handle him
-self surprisingly well! These characters are not "Gibbable" so don't bother, but
they do include "Death Skins" once they are killed! "Bravo Team - Melee Warriors" 
will not impact the original zombies they were born from, as I was mindful to make
sure they wouldn't! As a matter of fact, I added two new Flashlight Marine Zombies
to the gang while building them! Spawn "Bravo Team" for some "Hand to Hand" action!

"=AMS= Classic Marines":
There are 16 =AMS= Classic Marines for spawn-in duty and they have been upgraded with some help!
Thanks to the contributions made by "Dafama2k7" =AMS= soldiers are made ready to "Follow" so "the shining a flashlight in their faces to wake them up" is not needed any more. They will "Follow" you any where the game will allow or "Hold" their position if you command as well. Another contribution made by "Dafama2k7" is how =AMS= soldiers enter the area. They spawn-in with quite a show through the firey "=UAC= Teleportation Portal System"... If somebody gets in the  way, just bump into him a bit and watch him quickly move out of the way! Just a note here. They will move very quickly to get out of your way in "Wait" mode, but usually need a bit more pushing in "Follow" mode. They have to overcome the prime objective of staying at your side!.. These are the types of helpful changes that "Dafama2k7" has brought to "=AMS= v.7.1.ufo" and the "Doom3 Community"... I say "Much thanks Dafama!"

I implemented a little "Look at Me!" upgrade to the "Marine Followers" and the "Rescued Followers" scripts that's a little different than the "Tinman's" head turn version. It has these entites looking  at you when "spoken" to and looking at you every so often there after. This is much more prevelant in "Wait" mode than in "Follow" mode, as it's time to get going and down to business! 

I was busy with other =AMS= upgrades as  well! All of the "=AMS= Classic Marines" show their class as their names, except for two "Followers"... "=AMS= Plasmagun Akenzie" and "=AMS= Machinegun Murphy" have been re-badged to show their names in honor of the original author and of course myself.  You can change any name by adding this to the command line... "npc_name" "Your Name Here"  { Include
the " "}.    
It is always better to wait for your NPC followers as you go through opening doors, however, if your NPC followers become seperated from you and can't reach you because of a locked door, don't worry, now you can help them out!... The "=UAC= Science Team" has issued you an experimental device that enables "Door Ghosting" or "Short Range Teleportation" for your trapped NPC followers if you need it. You will hear the voice "Where are you hiding?" as your NPC follower is transported over to your area! Something I carried over from "=UAC= BFG Campbell".
The "Automatic Teleportation System" included in Jarad "Tinman" Hansen's new "TinMan Alpha 3x" script is a cool feature and one that I wanted to add to the =AMS= script as an upgrade. After adding in the needed scripting, my =AMS= Marines were 
"Teleporting" into "outerspace" and more sadly to their deaths. Obviously, I was missing a piece of the puzzle here! I was able to correct the problem enough to allow
for basic semi-automatic "Door Ghosting" and "Short Range Teleportation"... I say "semi-automatic" for the simple fact that sometimes your NPC follower will
"Teleport" to you automatically, other times you may have to stand outside the door and hit your "No Clip" key for them to "Ghost" through! Oddly, after they do it once or twice they seem to get better at it! Almost like they learn how to do it easier! The "Short Range Teleportation" does happen as well. Your NPC follower could
"Teleport" a few rooms away or up onto a second story catwalk. The accuracy of the "Teleport" onto a second story catwalk is hit and  miss tho and sometimes requires you to help out with the "No Clip" key! The =AMS= scripted Followers
"Automatic Teleportation System" is not quite as refined or as accurate as the "Tinman's" version, but for the most part, gets the job done and is better than not having it at all!... All of the different styles of Marines and the "Rescued Followers" have this handy ability, except for the "Melee Warriors" and the "=AMS= Sentry Guards" who are permanent post guards and not followers. 

The script of the "Melee Warriors" has not been upgraded to include this feature as of yet! To date, "=UAC= BFG Campbell" and "=UAC= BFG Doomguy" are the only NPC followers with "Fully Automatic Alpha 3x Teleportation" in place. They alone work off of a newly modified "TinMan Alpha 3x" script and makes the best use of the original "Teleportation Process!" Remember some areas of the game will not allow for "AI" NPC Followers or access to certain areas! Also, remember to put your Follower into "Hold" or "Wait" mode if you don't want them tagging along by 
"Teleport" into a small area you just wanted to check out real quick!

: "Door Ghosting" - "Short Range Teleportation" & "No Clipping" Your Marine :

Most times your NPC follower will "Teleport" to you automatically, other times you may have to stand outside the door and hit your "No Clip" key for them to "Ghost" through! I have noticed that usually the first "Door Ghosting" attempt will require your assistance by hitting the "No Clip" key for your follower to "Ghost" through, but after that they will do it on their own! "No Clipping" your follower NPC is very easy to do! If you have not set-up the "No Clipping" option yet... type into your console or into your "DoomConfig.cfg" file ... { bind "u" "noclip" }... with no braces! 

Note: The "Melee Warriors" do not have the "Door Ghosting" ability worked into their basic script yet.
: No Clipping Internal Base Doors :

Just as you would "No Clip" a door to "Ghost" through it for yourself, now this will enable your NPC follower to "Ghost" through it "to" you! If your NPC follower is trapped behind a door and he has not seen you for at least 5 seconds, he will be ready to "No Clip" to you. Stand on the opposite side of the door where you want your NPC follower to end up. Stand close to the door, about 2-3 game feet away
and push the "No Clip" key... Your NPC follower should "Ghost" the door and either end up right behind you or right with-in your occupied space...just back up a bit and "Un Clip". If he didn't "Ghost" over move a little closer to the door!

: No Clipping the Outer Base Doors :

"Door Ghosting" the doors inside the internal areas of the base present no problems at all as they are quite thin and most times the NPC followers will do it on their own anyway!.. However, the outer doors that lead to the outside base perimeters are a bit more difficult to "Ghost" because of their double to triple thickness. This "Ghostable" area is about 1.5 game ft. thick and is quite the dead zone! You will need to actually "Ghost" into the door about half way, in order to "pull" them through! Your NPC follower will be using you as a bridge! As your NPC follower starts to walk through, slowly back up almost dragging him out with you! Do NOT hit the "No Clip" key until your NPC follower is all the way through and free of the door! He could get stuck in the door if you hit "No Clip" key to soon and you will have to try it again after 5 seconds of your NPC follower not seeing you. Try
"Ghosting" him through while your floating in slightly upward position so he doesn't "Ghost" into the floor as well. If he does get stuck don't panic as you can free him with a little work. Just "Ghost" behind him and the door, wait 5 seconds,
then "Ghost" through the door and your stuck NPC follower to the other side. This will free them up most times as they follow you out of the door!... Most times you'll find "Ghosting" the outer base doors not really worth the effort as they tend to denote the beginning of a new level coming up and an area that is not friendly to your "ai" NPC follower! You may get him through only to find out he can only follow
you for a very short distance or to  a stairwell, as this is all the game will allow. However, there's a few areas where the effort is worth the trouble!    

With a little practice, I think you will find "No Clipping Your Marine" easy enough to do! There is one slight, but real danger while "Door Ghosting" the "Outer Base Doors". As I said, these doors are of double to triple thickness and the floor directly below this door frame has a gap of about a game foot or so. Most times your NPC follower will step over this gap safely, but there is the possibility they can fall into this gap and die if the "Door Ghosting" process is not done correctly! I only did experience this once, but such is the perils of twisting the fabric of time and space ! MUHAHAHA !!!

 "Alert Ready!"

"=UAC= BFG Campbell" comes "Alert Ready". Fire off your pistol next to him and he goes into a defensive stance with the BFG while shouting out "What the Hell!"... If shot in the leg he will yell out in pain, march off and finish up with some fancy defensive spin manuevers while aiming  the BFG! If all is well, he'll go back to an idle stance. No need to order BFG Campbell to attack the enemy as he will attack any
enemy while in "Follow" or "Hold" mode automatically. The =AMS= Follower Marines are set up differently.

=AMS= Follower Marines are set up to be "Alert Ready!" while only in "Wait" mode. "Alert Ready!" is also one of "Tinman" Hansen's new upgrades in the "TinMan Alpha 3x" script. The "Alert Ready!" function plays out great in "=UAC= BFG Campbell"
while in "Follow" mode or "Wait" mode, but I didn't really care for it when =AMS= Marines were in "Follow" mode. =AMS= Marines were tweaked by "Dafama2k7" to stay closer to you than before and I like this as it helps your follower to go through opening doors with you, but when combined with the "Alert Ready!" action, as they hear a noise, they end up pointing their weapons right in your face! Yikes!!! At least in "Wait" mode you can witness this action at a distance of your liking
and you still get a taste of this little extra feature at work! While in "Wait" mode, if your Follower Marine is shot in the leg or arm he will march off in pain "Alert Ready!" aiming his weapon and finish up into an "Idle" stance if all is well!

"=AMS= Sentry Guards"  

I have taken this build oppurtunity to pay a little attention to the "Old School" and mostly neglected  =AMS= Classic Marine "Sentry Guards".... They are a bit antiquated, but for who ever wants to use these stationary post guards, you'll be happy to know about some great upgrades!

NOTE: These guys are NOT followers!... Some people are confused by these guys!... They are "stationary" post guards, never intended to be your "Followers". They are for protecting your back as you leave an area! Anything that "Teleports" in behind you as you leave...they got it covered! Simple as that!

The "Sentry Guards" now will reply "chirp: Roger!...I'm armed and ready!" when you talk to them and do get health to repair themselves when spoken to. They will also move out of your way now when pushed, instead of just standing there like a stone wall!... I have also upgraded them with my own variation of "Alert Ready!"
The "Sentry Guards" script is not nearly as elaborate as the followers script, but I tweaked it enough to include a little "Alert Ready!" action! They won't react to sound, but when they are shot, they will yell out in pain, raise their weapon defensively and wander or run to a safer area nearby before returning back to an idle stance... You see!... You can teach an "old dog" a new trick! ;)

Repair Your Marine :

When a =AMS= Marine is "Talked" to, he gets "Health" if needed and is able to repair himself. Each time you "Talk" to your Marine, his "Health" goes up in points. You can view and monitor his "Health" increases through the drop down console.

Pressing the Tilde ~ key will lower the "Squadmate Update" status report on Health Points and First-Aid repairs. Monitor the "Health" increases as they add up! 
"Health" will go up until it has reached its set maximum "Health" limit!

"Zombie Z-Squad" :

"Dafama2k7" shows his "Dark" side and together we provide this elite "Infantry Squad" gone bad! Looking for some new monsters to mix it up with?  well "Dafama2k7" thought you might and provides 4 very nasty Zombies for your spawn-in enjoyment! I liked them so much I added another 6 to the crew! These guys just ain't nice!... Like "Zombie Z-Sec" they look to ruin your day! Except..instead of shooting you... these guys would like to tear you to pieces with their bare hands!... Ouch!

                               "Zombie Z-Sec Plasmagun" 

Also included in the original "Allied Marine Squadmates v.5" was a Plasmagun
Zsec Zombie! Even though he was a custom build, he too was non-functional.
Another broken experimental "left-over" wasting away! Using him would crash
my game instantly as well! Once I repaired him to be operational, I had to
fix him some more, as he had the scary bug "Casper the Floating Plasmagun"! 
He works great now and his spawn-in code is in the "Monster Spawn-in Guide".         


                          "Custom Flashlight Marine Zombies" 

Included from my v.6uu mod pak is 2 custom flashlight marine zombies
I made while building the "Bravo Team". They originally only came in a 
jawless jumpsuit version. I added a new head to the original jawless
jumpsuit version and both custom versions as well. I also added the
"CLANG" sound when they hit something with the flashlight!                       


"Custom Wrench & Flashlight Hazmat Zombies" 

Included with this mod pak is 4 custom Hazmat zombies that I made while
building the "Dr.Michaels". Spawn codes are in the "Monster Spawn-inGuide".         


                                 "Bernie the Demon"

 A New custom zombie with a trick up his sleeve! "Bernie the Zombie" has just
 acquired "Archvile" powers and a "Bernie the Demon" version is now available!
 "Bernie the Demon" is twice as strong as the zombie version and puts on quite
 a firey show when on the attack! Not only is "Bernie" on fire, he now "makes" 
 fire and is surely worth checking out! 


                                 "Skeleton Zombies"

 3 NEW custom "Skeleton" zombies are now available for your spawn-in enjoyment!
 Skull, Blown Face and BloodyMouth are ready to rattle your bones tonight!

* Typo-Bug Repair: 8-14-08 
In the earlier version of this mod, I mistakenly left the old beta spawn-in codes
in place for spawning in these "Skeleton Zombies" and they no longer work. Sorry,
it's now been corrected with the new spawn codes in the "Monster Spawn-in Guide".


                            "Zombie Z-Sec Added Health Boost" 

            I gave the Zombie "Zsec" patrol an upgraded health boost as well!
            The "Zsec" patrol ranged from 50 to 100 Health ... Need I say more!
            My grandmother could handle these guys! At 150 H.P. across the board 
            the "Zsec" patrol starts to feel like "Trouble" with a capitol "T"!


                             "Monster Spawn-in Guide"     
          Want to spawn-in some trouble? Type in the included monster console
          commands! I'm pretty sure these poor souls are beyond the syrum shot
          known as the "Re-Claimer"! You and your Squadmate Marines really only
          have one option here and it ain't gonna be pretty.Take 'em out Marine!    
          Look in the Monster Spawn-in Guide folder! Here you'll find some custom 
          built zombies as well as the standard "Doom3" offerings! 

                             "Marine Added Health Boost"

           I gave all "Sentry" Allied Marine Squadmates a little upgraded
           health boost from 175 to 225 H.P. and all Marines carry 120 Armor.

           @ The Health Stats for Original "Follower" Marines labeled below:

             1. =AMS= BFG Patrol Marine         =  300 Health + 120 Armor
             2. =AMS= Soul-Cube Patrol Marine   =  300 Health + 120 Armor

             3. =AMS= Plasmagun Patrol Marine   =  350 Health + 120 Armor
             4. =AMS= Rocketeer Patrol Marine   =  350 Health + 120 Armor
             5. =AMS= Chaingun  Patrol Marine   =  350 Health + 120 Armor

             6. =AMS= Pistol  Patrol Marine     =  400 Health + 120 Armor
             7. =AMS= Shotgun Patrol Marine     =  400 Health + 120 Armor
             8. =AMS= Machinegun Patrol Marine  =  400 Health + 120 Armor


           @ The New "Hybrid Elite: Team" inludes these "Follower" Marines:

            1."Hybrid Elite: Kane"    Machinegun  =  500 Health + 500 Armor
            2."Hybrid Elite: Voss"    Plasmagun   =  500 Health + 500 Armor

            3."Hybrid Elite: Strauss" Shotgun     =  500 Health + 500 Armor
            4."Hybrid Elite: Rutger" SoulCube-Gun =  500 Health + 500 Armor

            5."Hybrid Elite: Sasaki" Plasmagun    =  500 Health + 500 Armor
            6."Hybrid Elite: Rutger" Alternate    =  500 Health + 500 Armor


           @ The New "Bravo Team" inludes these "Follower" Melee Marines:

             1."Bravo Team: Lane"   Flashlight  =  500 Health + 500 Armor
             2."Bravo Team: Marak"  Flashlight  =  500 Health + 500 Armor
             3."Bravo Team: Miller" Flashlight  =  500 Health + 500 Armor
             4."Bravo Team: Holmes" Flashlight  =  500 Health + 500 Armor

             5."Mechanic: Sinclair"  Monkey Wrench = 500 Health + 500 Armor
             6."Medic: Dr.Rogers"  Melee Fighter   = 500 Health + 500 Armor


           @  Additional New "=AMS= v.7.ufo" Characters:

            1. =UAC= BFG: Campbell v1.1   = 550 Health + 1000 Armor
            2. =UAC= Hazmat: Dr.Michaels  = 500 Health + 500  Armor

            * All new additional "Melee Warriors" =  500 Health + 500 Armor

            * All new NPCs as "Rescued Followers" =  225 Health + 120 Armor

            * All new additional "Marine Teams"   =  400 Health + 120 Armor

I think you'll find all the spawn-in action you crave right here in this "=AMS= United Forces" package!






Please refer to the "Installation Instructions" folder with-in this mod pak for detailed instructions and installation options for  "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo".               


 Known Bugs or Issues :

Please refer to the "=AMS= Known Bugs or Issues" file with-in this mod pak for detailed information on Known Bugs or Issues involving "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo".                 


 =AMS= Upgrade History :


Please refer to the "=AMS= Upgrade History" file with-in this mod pak for detailed information on the Upgrade History from =AMS= v.5 to "Allied Marine Squadmates v.7.1.ufo".  



: Much thanks to Author's :

1. Altroth "deviroth" AkenzieSize ( [email protected] ) "Allied Marine Squadmates v.5"  Date: 4/20/05
2. Jarad "TinMan" Hansen ( [email protected] ) "The TinMan Squad v0.3 Beta"  Date: 9/26/04 

3. David Fabrega maestre ( [email protected] ) "TinMan NG v2.8 for Doom III"   Date: 2/14/08                                              
4. Nivelxe and the "Dev. Gang" ( [email protected] ) "Doom Chronicles - Beta Demo"   Date: 2/23/05

5. Michael "ReKTeK" Knight ( http://doom3.filefront.com/file/UAC_Sentry_Robot;29009 )  "UAC Sentry Robot"
Date: 8/04/04

6. William "Murph" Murphy ( [email protected] ) "Allied Marine Squadmates v6.uu"  Date: 2/10/08 


:  Murph's other credits and mods to check for at FileFront   :

 "Rhino Squad Light Pack"



 "Speak Spawned Tech Marine"


 "Murphys Marines Console Commandos v1.0"



 "Murphys Marines Console Commandos v1.1"



 "Murphys Marines Commands Patch v1.2"



 "Allied Marine Squadmates v6.uu"



 "Allied Marine Squadmates v7.ufo"



 "=UAC= BFG Campbell v1.0"



 "=UAC= BFG Campbell v1.1"



"=UAC= BFG Campbell v1.2"

 To be found on this download page shortly:


 "= Alternate Monster Squad .XP ="  v1.0 



 "= Alternate Monster Squad .XP ="  v1.1 

 To be found on this download page shortly:


 Beta Tester & Contributor:

 "Horus 9"

 Game:   "FarCry"
 SP Map: "Horus 9" 
 Author: Michael Chimella
 Beta Tester: Wiliam Murphy 

              A futuristic take on "FarCry" with new styled weapons, models
              and scenery! Michael does a great job here and for "Doom3" fans
              this is a must play! Its a personal favorite of mine and I was
              happy Michael let me help him out with my small contributions!
              Definately worth the download! Please check it out! Link Below.    



 To be submitted to FileFront soon:

 "Splash Harbor"

 Game:   "FarCry" 
 Author:  Murph 
 SP Map: "Splash Harbor"

             "Splash Harbor" a single-player action map built by me including
              a small mod. Yes, once again, Jack Carver finds himself in the 
              service of the C.I.A. Black Ops Division involved in a Hostage 
              Rescue along with a little Search and Destroy action!... After 
              some more beta testing, I will be uploading this to FileFront
              as soon as possible! Please look for it's appearance soon at:


 To be submitted to FileFront soon:



 Game: "FarCry"....................Patch By: William Murphy   
 Date:  1/20/07....................Patch: "WHITE OUT" BUG PATCH 
 Developer: Murph..................Version: V1   
 Beta Tester: Michael Chimella.....For Map: "SP_ARENA" by Michael Chimella 

             Some NVIDIA based video cards have a serious issue rendering
             different enviormental settings in the FarCry map "SP_ARENA".
             This in turn leads to the "White Out" affect and makes this
             fun single-player map unplayable! This repair patch fixes the
             problem for NVIDIA card owners and gets 'em back in the game!  

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