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Here it is folks! Hot off of Dafama2K7's harddrive...the update for his super popular [url="


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Here it is folks! Hot off of Dafama2K7's harddrive...the update for his super popular Alpha Mod v1.0! His latest contribution to the Doom 3 community is this download of D3 hugeness, chalk ram full of Doom goodness and some serious good time-adventures!

What makes the Alpha Mod unique is that it contains many new items, such as: Textures Sounds guis And more It is the claim of Dafama2K7 that the sounds and textures contained in this mod are better then what is found in the stock version of Doom 3, and that the playability is better...but don't rely on the spoken word, download it and find out for yourself.

What does this update do? Fixed some missing and damaged files. Fixed monsters. Fixed thud sounds. Better use of the textures of some new models.

Refer to the readme for more information.

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Download '' (288.23MB)

D3_alpha v1.1 update

Version History...:

v1.1 update

Fixed missing .def files damage.def and moveables.def.

Fixed monsters, thud sounds & removed old bad .md5xxx anims !

I have now fixed black boxes, make use of more things from E ...and... 3

Fixed melee & thud zombies sounds.

Better use of the textures of some new models.

More E3 sounds used.

Better Particles, fx, materials...

v1.0 First release

I have still to fix the black doors.

I have still to fix some sounds, guis and textures, make more E3 like things...

I have to put some better A.I., but keeping the feeling of E3 release.

This is a mod that contains textures, sounds & from varied resources & another mods, try it, it's big, but it is worth every bit of it, sure !!!

Many sounds and textures are much better than original Doom 3, not all, but in next versions i will update and fix any bug or bad sound, texture or gui...

I personally think that for some reason D3 seems even more playable, it is like playing the E3 2003/4 official video but on modern Doom 3, try it and tell me, what you think...

Thanx Id software for making this number one game !!!


Easy as 1,2,3, only drop the d3_alpha folder into Doom 3 folder, NOT base and start Doom 3, select d3_alpha from the mods list and your ready !!!

This mod needs the next command to be activated first, from the doomconfig.cfg or autoexec.cfg better...:

set image_usePrecompressedTextures 0

To be able to see the textures has to be "0", ok !!!

I have already made this in the configs, but to be sure i let anyone know this !!!

If enabled from console then has to restart the video doing this...:


That's all !

Warning !!!...:

This mod requieres always to be set the "image_usePrecompressedTextures" to "0" in the Doomconfig.cfg or better in the autoexec.cfg, included, but i tell you just to be sure, because the better textures only can be seen using this command, and then make vid_restart !

If you can view the weapons and monsters and some map and objects textures different then all is ok !!!


This mod doesn't need any patch or update, but better you have at least Doom 3 v1.3.0 or higher installed !

Mmmmhhh, boy, gnnnngghhhiii ahhh, uh, oh (zombie language ;-)) !!!

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