Hey guys this is the final version of Annihilation 3.0 so i hope you guys have as much fun playing this mod as i have had making it. It have...


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Hey guys this is the final version of Annihilation 3.0 so i hope you guys have as much fun playing this mod as i have had making it. It have been a good learning experiance for me and i hope someday more people will learn how to mod from this mod and i am available from 2:45 till about 4 or 5 at night to teach who is ever interested. Anyway this mod comes with it's own shortcut which should be in your doom 3 base folder when you extract the zip, so just move it to your desktop if you would like.

There will probably not be an Annihilation 4.0 but maybe some updates to this mod here and there.

Well i hope to see you guys playing my mod online or offline i really don't care but if i see a server on the mod be expecting a little visit from me if the server isn't full.

peace out,


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Download '' (74.17MB)


I would also like to thank John Carmack and everyone of the programmers and for that matter everyone at id software for making such a great game,but most of it is to John because with him and his awsome team of programmers i would not be motivated enough to make this mod.

I would like to thank whoever made the plasma shotgun mod for giving me the idea for making one :P.

Oh and before i forget, i would like to thank Calimer and the rest of the LMS team for helping me with this mod. They mainly helped me by giving me advice on where to go and whatnot.

Go and get the LMS mod if you already havn't because i love to promote LMS more than i would ever promote this mod.

LMS site




You may contribute this mod with other mods and put them on disks or whatever other fancy shmancy stuff you guys do. Just notify me of this at spunky91291 AT yahoo DOT com.


Mod Leaders



Chaz, Teh_Bear, Kevin, EFoG, Spunky, Calimer, 

Known Bugs

1: Sometimes the skins don't load but they should load in other levels, however the defs and scripts do just fins, so do the sounds.

2: in multiplayer the pistol might keep reloading. Don't worry just go to another weapon and then go back.

3: Sometimes the flashlights on the guns won't show, just go to another weapon and/or fists and go back to the desired weapon. It should be working after that. Also in multiplayer the Chaingun and the Machinegun have negative numbers and won't make any sounds when firing. To fix this problem just keep shooting and it should be fine, the sounds and negative ammo should go away when you reach 60 or so bullets in a clip.

4. The fists take up console 'warning' space and i am unable to fix them at this time.

If you find any other bugs please notify me as soon as you get around to it. Who knows i may even consider you to be a tester!. 

Contact me at Spunky117 AT gmail DOT com

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