Well here is the 3.2 version of Annihilation... It wasn't supposed to come out until 3-4 weeks later because of a movie we were making but w...


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Well here is the 3.2 version of Annihilation... It wasn't supposed to come out until 3-4 weeks later because of a movie we were making but we decided that we would release this version before we started on the movie. Also my server has Auto DL for this mod so if you have it already i would get this because it has extras in it... and screenshots... and other cool stuff i guess. Anyway i hope you enjoy this version more than 3.1.

What's new:

- Co-op marines are somewhat smarter now. - 3 new Multiplayer maps totalling the map count to 17. - A theme song provided by Neurological. - Some new GUI's as well in the credits room on AnDM1 - Added some info_player_deathmatches on AnDM3 - 4 new MP maps. - NO FLARES - New textures

And new from the Annihilation UAC workers... the T2 grenade!!! These babies duplicate themselves upon release so they duplicate into 4 grenades...3 go out and one stays in your hand so you can use it over and over again. Basically it's like having infinite grenades.

Bug fixes:

- Some maps have been optimized - And some graphical tweaks here and there.

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Download '' (151.94MB)


Just save and/or cut and paste the zip file into your Doom 3 folder, Extract it and your ready to go. Load the mod up in the mods menu an have a blast.

Spawn Commands

spawn human_marine_machinegun
spawn human_marine_pistol
spawn human_marine_shotgun
spawn human_marine_plasmagun
spawn human_marine_rocketlauncher
spawn human_marine_Spunky
spawn human_marine_machinegun_follower
spawn human_marine_pistol_follower
spawn human_marine_shotgun_follower
spawn human_marine_plasmagun_follower
spawn human_marine_rocketlauncher_follower
spawn human_marine_Spunky_follower
spawn char_sentry
spawn char_sentry_flashlight


Just one and that is when you get to Communications that sentry bot that is supposed to lead you and open the doors well he follows but he doesn't open the door so just use NOCLIP to get passed that part.


I would like to give BIG thanks to Neurological for the awsome theme song for the mod. I would also like to thank all my beta testers for helping me get closer to perfection.


Spunky (Mod Leader/Programmer)

Chaz(Beta Tester)

Fear.I.Am(Beta Tester)

Marine!(Beta Tester)

Darth(Beta Tester)

Playa(Beta Tester)


Sonic Clang(Music)


Take care guys


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