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We have, for you, an update to the popular Annihilation (4.0) mod, courtesy...


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We have, for you, an update to the popular [url=";63037"]Annihilation (4.0) mod[url], courtesy of spunky13! He has made a few changes to enhance your gameplay experience and...just so you can continue to enjoy this mod, he has also provided 3 new multiplayer maps!

Refer to the readme for all of the changes/additions, and for the installation instructions.

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Download '' (56.34MB)

This is a small update for the Annihilation 4.0 mod. It includes Increased run speed in Single Player, 2 NPC pet names - Spunky and Crack In a Box, armor has been shot down to 100, 
and 3 new multiplayer maps were added.




pm_runspeed is 240 instead of 220 now.


Just extract this zip file into your C:\Program Files\Doom 3\4.0 directory and you should be ready to go.

If you find any problems or just have a plain question e-mail me at,

I hope you enjoy this update.


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