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Here is ANOTHER update to Annihilation X Beta! Enjoy, and hope that it's correct


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Here is ANOTHER update to Annihilation X Beta! Enjoy, and hope that it's correct

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Annihilation X Beta

Developed by: Annihilation X dev team


Annihilation X is a very enhanced version of Annihilation 4.0. While it may have most of the same files, skins, some weapons, and so on, Annihilation X is truely the greatest piece of art
The Annihilation Dev Team has ever constructed. With it's highly anticipated release by hundreds of fans this latest and last release of any Annihilation mod (unless given permission by the Dev Team
to carry out another one at their own willing.) This is sure to be a fan pleaser. And if you are not a fan, you will be after this.

What's New

The new Series 3 Plasmagun has been fully modified to the greatest power of technology that the UAC could ever produce. But wait, what's this? The Annihilation X Dev Team
made it better? How is this possable?!?!?! Well, you have one of the best 15 year old programmers that you know, one of the best 15 year old skinner and gui man, and you have the best tester
you could ever want and unlimited support on THAT! is how it is possable.
*start series 3 sentry bot*
Also, the Series 3 Sentry Bot has been fully modified, {

.New stardard issue plasma masses to hurdle at your enemies.

.New body armor kit (3000 health)

.And a wicked new paint job.

CHAOS BFG-1100 has been modified to do 800 damage now instead of 600. A little extra boost never hurt anyone...right?

The one everyone has been waiting for, THE PDA PLAYLIST!!! It now has 10 songs instead of 9 (*fixed from the early beta stages).

There are some custom PDA's in random maps. See if you can find them all and if you happen to, e-mail the names of the PDA's, how many there were, and how awsome you think they were too.

There is also some eye candy in 2 of the maps. Not sure if the one is Hell works or not. It works well for me but I don't know about the other people that have been testing my mod for god knows how long.

2 new Multiplayer maps but I really didn't focus on the Multiplayer perspective this time because I had so many e-mails telling me to buff up Single Player a little, so of course, I love to please the Doom 3
Community so I went ahead and did that.

You also have 1 maps to test out all the weapons on. Basically like a shooting range of some sort. I think you guys will enjoy killing endless zombies (or are they endless?). 

There is a new loading screen (Initializing loading and whatever) and a new model for the "stars" screen or whatever you want to call it.

I have a new theme song thanks to Neurological and his awsome guitar playing abilities. Deffinantly check out his work if you havn't.

Some of the Pet Mod demons and zombies have had their health boosted, especially the Hellknight_branded one only because he's in Hell and he needs to have a health boost because it's his home.

Chiangun commando pet has 500 health now because 250 is bullcrap for such an awsome zombie.

I have made the health go back to normal because of the great advantage you have over the demons if you have 125-135 stats. Let's see how long you can last :twisted:

PDA Playlist is located in the video section of your PDA. The first video has been deleted to make sure that the playlist starts out with number 1 and to not give any confusion

Also the mosters look more realistic now.

I took out the annoying marine buddies too. I couldn't seem to figure out what the hell to do with them since they were a pain in the ass to fix. Also my testers say they are useless since the pet
mod is in there.

PDA Playlist

01 Chimaira - Stigmurder

02 Satyricon - K.I.N.G.

03 Devourment - Anal Electrocution

04 Disturbed - Stricken

05 Cradle Of Filth - Better To Reign In Hell

06 Spineshank - New Disease

07 Killswitch Engage - This Fire Burns

08 KoRn & Disturbed - Forsaken

09 KoRn - Falling Away From Me

10 Mnemic - Blood Stained

Custom Maps

Weapons Test 1 - map test1

Bug Fixes

I used the LMS gui for the chaingun so the 105 ammo clip would fit perfectly.

*Fixed the error messege *could now load console*

*Fixed shotgun reload problem when it won't reload due to some of the scripting cause by the flashlight.

*Fixed some of the map FPS issues on multiplayer

*Fixed some of the lag problems by the pets and the Series 3 Sentry Bot when it shoots plasma FPS only decreased to 30-60 or more for Nvidia 6600+.

*Fixed some of the custom models bear made didn't show up in the early beta stages so those are fixed.

*Fixed PDA Playlist. Used to play the songs over and over unless you press the stop button. Now when you press the play button multiple times it starts and stops.


Spunky - Mod Leader

Darth - Badass tester and also my go to guy for testing

Bear - Skinning, some mapping help, and being a marine

Sabooya - art and graphic design, visit him at

Neurological - The kickass theme to this mod, if you havn't heard his music go check it out. Link is the HOES one on

LMS Team - Endless help with the final version of the mod

Element117 - Testing

HotRockPlanet DJ ThrAsh - Just for being so friggin awsome and letting me make a PDA of him and what he does - For endless help and awsome people that will bend over backwards for you

Ultima669 - I think that's his name, For the use of the Pet Mod Mod:	Pet Mod
Author: Ultima669, [email protected]
Ā© 2006

Xao - (think spelling os off by 1 letter) for the awsome skins to the mod

Chris - For endless support on the mod (No not you darth or ThrAsh)

Mark - For taking me street racing when I needed to clear my head of all the bullcrap that coding and programming produces

Father - For being a dumbass and saying I can't make this, so I had to prove you wrong

LDAsh - For guidance on how to make the PDA playlist which is totally kickass so thanks very much

Last but not least The_Master - For no reason at all I guess, he's cool go talk to him


Gamesurge channel - #hotrockplanet,#moshyourcat,#kyodemic

OFTC channel - lms-mod

Pet Mod

These are the predefined Pets that you can spawn.
L = pet has a light attachment
S = pet has special commands

-- Zombies --
pet_bernie	(L)
pet_flashlight	(L)

-- Guns --

-- Demons --
pet_revenant_3light	(L)
pet_revenant_onelight	(L)
pet_revenant_onelight2	(L)
pet_archvile		(S)

-- Bosses --

-- Miniz -- 

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